Rise of the Triad 2013. Out next week, oldschool FPS with arena/arcade-style Multiplayer


http://riseofthetriad.net/web/app.php <-- Official site, check out the media/screenshot section.

http://www.gog.com/gamecard/rise_of_the_triad__dark_war <-- The original can be bought off of this site for only $5.99. I prefer GOG releases over Steam, because unlike Steam, GOG releases have no DRM and can be played anytime, anywhere. You can also freely back up your digital games you buy off of GOG, as well. If you like oldschool-style FPS games like Doom, Quake, Duke Nukem 3D, Blood and Shadow Warrior or even Serious Sam I guarantee you you will like this game. RoTT is a damn DOS game, but like all releases on GOG, you can play them on even the most modern of Operating Systems. Be warned, though. RoTT is extremely difficult, this game doesn’t fuck around.

Rise of the Triad is an FPS game that was released in 1994(shareware, with the full version coming out early 1995) and now, almost 20 fucking years after its release it’s getting a sequel. The original’s gameplay consists of shooting motherfuckers at an insane pace, combined with platforming elements, great music, timeless sprite-based graphics set in WWII and ridiculous weaponry. I was just taking Nazi bastards out with THE HAND OF GOD.

^ A video showing off a bit of the gameplay. It looks faithful to the original in that it’s ridiculously fast-paced and is completely balls to the walls. The multiplayer aspect looks very arena FPS/quake-like, which looks insanely fun.

^ Peep the goddamn run speed of this game. Most modern FPS games have 1/10th that run speed, jesus christ!

^ Hype-ass music.

With the release of Serious Sam 3: BFE and this game, I’m hoping Doom 4 follows suit and we get a return to the golden-era of FPS games! Insanely fast-paced action that actually requires skill and thinking in SP/MP instead of auto-aim radar bullshit that is the majority of modern FPS games of today.


I think we already had a thread for this game.

Either way, still hype about this. Probably one of my all time favourite FPS games back in the day.


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Oh well. I put more effort into this thread, damn it! @specs @shaftagent @thefuriousone


Bet this plays like a modern shooter (Cynic.)


The gameplay videos+developers commentary and design choices have me pretty hyped and filled with hope.

^ One of my favorite themes in the game. It’s GDLK.

Achievement list is out too, some of them are pretty hilarious.

“It’s like DLC, but free!” - Run the game with a mod installed. <-- LOL

“X gon give it to ya” Kill 666 enemies while in Dog mode.



Yeah well I like this one, and no one bothers to rip it to OPL other than myself apparently


Game’s only going to be $15. Crazy. Steam/GOG.com/Apogee Store. Out this summer!

Multiplayer footage. Peep the speed+rocket jumping+other things going on. You’ll get a Quake 3/Unreal Tournament vibe. It looks so damn fun, goddamn.

Developer commentary in the video:

-Colored keys and doors
-Monster closets
-Maze-like vertical levels
-Not turning this into Call of Duty
-Not dumbed down

Oh, the hype levels…

I love the views of this developer. What do you guys think of the design choices? Watch the video and let me know if it brings you joy and hype like it does to me! @specs @King9999 @Sovi3t @ShaftAgent @TheFuriousOne


Game comes out next week!

I’ll be getting the GOG.com version, but I’ll keep Steam up to try to get matches going with SRKers.


^ Pre-order bonus on their site gives you the original RoTT and the Blake Stone games. Nice.


Haven’t got it yet but saw a friend playing it. Looks like a blast.


IDK, I think the game tries too hard to be like the oldschool greats. The motion blur is fucked up too.


Motion blur can be turned off. Game’s GDLK.

^ Some campaign action. Sadly streaming shits on my performance even with the performance tweaks posted up.

^ Streamed an MP match. Float like a bird, shoot rockets and create LUDICROUS GIBS!



I’ll give online a shot later.