Rising Jaguar Option Select

I have known about Option Selects for a while but have had some trouble incorporating it into my actual play/muscle memory. If you watched Gamerbee vs. Henry Cen and Gamerbee vs. Mike Ross, you might have noticed an option select that he used that proved to be incredibly effective.


This link is a video to Gamerbee vs. Mike Ross. If you start at 3:20 you will see Gamerbee successfully land a safe jump mk into Rising Jaguar 3 times in a row.

For those that might not understand what is happening here, and maybe assumed these were lucky guess reversals, this is known as an option select. The idea is that you are jumping in with a normal (safe jump, after knockdown) such as j.mk, j.hp while buffering and completing a rising jaguar in the air where the motion is buried within that jumping normal of choice. Two events can happen:

  1. You hit the opponent with the jumping normal, (either blocking or not) allowing you to enter a block string or combo.

  2. The opponent uses a reversal, giving them some invincibility frames which causes your jumping normal to whiff and the buffered rising jaguar comes out (which if timed correctly, would beat the reversal).

I have a couple of questions about this, as I have been trying to improve my game and incorporate this into my game play and hope somebody can shed some light on the subject.

My first question is, does this Option Select beat all/most/only some reversals clean if performed perfectly? There is a thread in the SF4 forums called “Safe Jump-In Guide”, which can be found at this link:


Obviously there are different properties/results for different reversals. According to the notation in that thread (based on the results in the game); a safe jump on Honda’s headbutt (reversal) will either beat the headbutt or will be blocked depending on the strength of the headbutt. However, a safe jump against a Ryu that does a Shoryuken should lose according to the notation.

My question is then, if the safe-jump loses to the Shoryuken, does this mean that the Option Select would also lose to the Shoryuken? Or does a safe jump, rising jaguar option select even beat reversals that a safe jump loses to?

My final question would be about safe-jump setups. I am wondering what options Adon has that will score an untechable knockdown, allowing for more time to setup the safe-jump?

Ryu cannot be safe jumped, no shoto can.

In theory ex raising jag would beat any non ex DP because none have 8 frames of inv, but would lose to any ex DP. It’s irrelevant tho as they cannot be safejumped (apart from a few setups, but I don’t think adon has any so far).

No, option selecting does not beat all reversals.

The easiest safejump setups are 1 hit LK raising jaguar, hold UF, no timing required. Works on the safejumpable chars. Another one is front throw, one dash forward, jump. Just mast the dash.

But then, you can safejump off almost anything if you have the timing. 2 hit rising jag, sweep (?), ultra, backthrow etc.

I cannot seem to OS honda ex headbutt for some reason, I can safejump it fine but it seems to hit me before the ex jaguar comes out if I attempt an OS.
HP super punishes ex headbutt at point blank, not sure if you get all the hits tho.

Are you using HK.RJ? The Rising Jaguar option select should beat even the EX Headbutt if performed correctly.

I appreciate the response; some good information i’ll have to keep in mind.

wow that’s so gay Ryu can’t be safe jumped?
why is that?

3 frame SRK.

So then no safe jumps will work on Akuma Ken or Ryu huh…
What BS…

You can hop over them with an air jaguar kick and make their SRK whiff. IE you jump where you would normally safejump but with the correct timing you do an air JK. Their SRK goes the wrong way and you can punish moderately well. Not as good as a safejump but it’s a good tool regardless, they can’t possibly react to it.

Regular safe jumps also dont work on adon because adon gets up 7 frames faster. Another easier safe jump is after forward throw dash in as soon as possible then uf.

Good info here I learned this the hard way makes the cammy matchup mad hard.

Honda’s Ex headbutt is not easy to OS with j.hk, i practice for quite a long time and the only way I’ve gotten it consistently is with j.mk. The timing for safe jump j.HK OS HK/EX rising jaguar is very tight probably because it comes out so slow compare to other jumping forward attacks. And you can set up safe jump from almost all untechable knockdowns. I.E sweep, forward throw. Though, I’m not sure if back throw works due to the position it leaves you.

And I believe you can safe jump any anti air reversal move that comes out in 5 frame+. But safe jump OS HK rising jaguar would only beat out wake up options that are vulnerable by the 9th frame because HK.RJ have 6 frames of full body invulnerability and it hits on the 5th frame plus 4 landing frames. Anything with more than 9 frames of invulnerability would either cause HK.RJ to pass thru or get beaten. For example, Bison’s EX psycho crusher will beat it.

Safejumping makes the cammy matchup much easier. Or maybe I understand your sentence backwards?
Cannon spike is pretty slow and can be safejumped. It helps because cammy is a bitch to crossup. I don’t even try anymore.

It’s 4 frames actually, only 3 framers are not safejumpable. Sometimes other characters cannot be safejumped in some situations, but for other reasons. Remember that adon CAN be safejumped off bigger knockdowns if the opponent knows the matchup. Juri gets a ryu-style safejump off her sweep exlusive vs adon. She just has to hold UF.

Sorry, the timing for 4 frame specials are too strict and I can’t pull it off consistently. Ken’s mp srk is 4 frame but I doubt you’ll want to try and safe jump in on him.

Shotos can be safe jumped. Its just extremely situational. Spacing and timing must be precise.
ie: [media=youtube]deQQyHHCtNQ[/media]

good read guys thx

Are there any other characters in the game aside from Adon that get up faster than other characters (ie: can’t be safe jumped)?


Yup, Gouken’s the only character you can’t safejump.

I said there’s specific setups where they can be safejumped. If you find any with adon feel free to share.

You don’t have to actually time your jump if you use the right setup. In the two I posted you can hold uf and safejump guile, whose flashkicks are 4 frames IIRC. Or maybe only ex is 4 frames. Still, there’s no timing required.

If you’re gonna count gouken’s counters you should also count all ex command grabs that also beat safejumps.

So can anyone give me an example of what button presses you would be doing for a safejump rising jag OS? I’m also trying to put this into my game.

I love this thread.

Also, do a j. attack then do the input for EX RJ and then if your jumping atack doesn’t hit it will EX RJ will automatically come out upon landing, if the jumping attack does hit, go into blockstring/combo/etc.