Rising Thunder - FIGHTING ROBOTS


Were there any more updates on that? I saw that tweet that Buktooth heard it was cancelled, but since then I haven’t heard anything.

  1. Riot making SMB modelswaps and fighting prototype screenshots (4:52) on their corporative creative “Thunderdome”. They also shout out which fighting arcade cabinets thei have in new office.
  2. Riot buys Radiant.
  3. Almost a year after that Riots had a meeting with ARC system works.

You can speculate now.


Dumb question: Is this game playable at least offline/locally by any means?

Thx in advance


Correct me if wrong but I’m pretty sure local multiplayer in this game required two PC’s.


Atm, no. Game’s encrypted (at least the later version’s files that’s in an archive format “HTML5UI”) to the point where attempting to get a local offline version of it isn’t possible… yet.


Progress: Training mode is playable, and supposedly there is works on a private server.

Also, unused stage from a long while back that was in the very early builds, but couldn’t get it in the past until a few weeks ago:


This is hilarious for a lot of reasons. Would be cool to finally play it though. My computer wasn’t good enough during the first go around.



Thats really wonderful of them.

I kinda expected that they were using the Rising Thunder gameplay idea for a LOL based fighting game (since they got bought by Riot), but now I’m not so sure, I don’t think Riot would have liked them releasing this if that was true.


Yay! Looking forward to it. I was worried that Riot had shelved the assets forever.


They were bought by Riot’s parent company, not Riot themselves.


Source? Since if that were true all the articles would have said that they have been bought by Tencent (because that wouldn’t be the first one this year), yet all the news definately said that the company was bought by Riot.


Sweet. I can play more Vlad.


That’s funny, cuz the official announcement says they were bought by Riot…


My bad. I remembered some people stating that that was the case somewhere.


Looking at how ASW has been into something with Riot, i think that maybe, IF there is a LOL fg it will be made by them.
Rumors say that the upcoming BBxTB will have at least one LOL representation (take it with a good dose of salt though)


Damn. I thought I’d read before that Rising Thunder was going open source, but I guess it’s actually just the servers which will be open source.

It’d be so cool to actually be able to tinker with the source code of this game, as well as to see how its online GGPO code is implemented, since that’s like one of the critical things you need to know how to do if one were to try and make a fighting game themselves.


I like this news…too bad it’s pc only still. :frowning:


Im still of the opinion that they were bought for their new version of GGPO since high powered internet tech would be very lucrative for them. especially since teams typically live near server centers where they will have the best possible connection to the game. If the tech worked out well then that could make lag less of an issue. but who knows, thats just my best guess anyway.