Risking it without a stick. Problem?

So my first evo, traveling all the way from Britain and i am a xbox player. Obviously my stick won’t work on ps3’s so should i just go without a stick? i mean how easy it it to just burrow a stick for a tournament game? and the casuals, do they provide sticks or will i be let out? sorry for the rushed and poorly researched thread but i fly out in less then 12hours!

I suggest you bring your stick and get it dual modded by gummowned or strogg (or one of the other modders there). That way, you won’t have to worry about not have a working stick for a given system unless PS4 or the next xbox change to something other than usb.

ho shit i can get it modded there? man i am so relived, and so is my wallet !

Not for free, but it’ll work out to significantly less than paying for shipping.

Oh, and put your stick in your carry-on bag if you can - baggage handlers aren’t always exactly gentle.