Rival Battle Songs Should Be From The Game's Sound Track

I’m really loving the songs they’re using to promote Street Fighter X Tekken. I’m not the biggest fan of bands like Rise Against or the genre of a lot of them, but so far I’ve loved pretty much all of the songs CAPCOM’s used in the cinematic trailers.

My problem is that these songs are just that, songs that are being used to promote the game through the cinematic trailers. While I don’t doubt that the cinematic trailers will appear somewhere in the game, how crazy ridiculous would it be to hear some of these songs play over rival battles? Or, it could be like SSF4 where you can change the soundtrack.

I just think it’d be ridiculous to have Ryu face Kazuya with that Honest Eyes song playing over it.

Or you know… Just play the songs with Xbox/PS3 custom soundtrack feature.

You’re right, in fact I think the game should come completely sans-soundtrack. What’s the point of actually including music in a video game?

Agreed. Who the hell wants to listen to Volcanic Rim when you can play the ketchup song in as the bgm. :rofl:

I play the MvC2 soundtrack myself honsetly. After all these years the SF4 soundtrack has become somewhat…tiresome.
or the 3S soundtrack…

To the OP: I like the idea.

Hell no. Those songs are terrible. I want SF and Tekken songs. Maybe a Mega Man one…

someone doesn’t like Jazz…>_>’

but the Rival Battle themes are actually good this time around…the Volcanic Rim Remix actually sounds epic and the Tekken Tag Opening is good(it isnt Tag2 good but hey…)

but at the end of the day…custom soundtrack is the way to please everyone…

Just put in the entire Tekken Tag soundtrack and call it a day.

not everything from the tag soundtrack was good >_>’ thats like saying reused all the music in SFIV…though solar eclipse was pretty awesome. every game has its own theme when it comes to music, like 3S and MVC2 did…SFxTK is fine the way it is…

I’m all for remixes of from the games but the emo rock has got to go.

one mans garbage is another mans treasure…

we are not all going to love every song on the OST…however that doesnt mean it cant have a good one. If you think you have a song the better suites the situation or battle better then the ones provided then your more then welcomed to change it…they give you the freedom to do so~

I can only prey none of those garbage bands’ music makes it’s way into the game.

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