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I just check www.dreamwaveprod.com (dreamwave’s website), and under their project they had Rival schools (Im assuming the game). However, i could not find any information regarding to this. Anyone know if this out yet!?



i think its spose to be a one shot.

theyve had the rights for a longitme now, but theyve just recently started on DMC so it might be a while.


don’t expect much its dreamwave. They cancel their comic series like whut. Cause they don’t have an original idea in their heads.


Rumor has it that UDON now have both Darkstalkers and Rival Schools!?!?! But as i say it’s rumor so i don’t know how true that is!


Rumors Rumors Rumors…

Oh well…

But honestly… IF we ARE to put out DS & RS… how many of you will be interested in buying?


I’d personally be more interested in Dark Stalkers than in Rival Schools.

The Dark Stalkers crew are so wacky and charismatic. Not to say that Rival Schools doesn’t have some good characters and backstories, but… I mean, they are mostly just teenaged kids who can do special moves.

There also seems to be some differences of opinions as to what the actual Rival Schools stories are for some characters.

The Dark Stalkers are also un-dead. Thus, it would be possible to work in more fights, because those who “lost” don’t really “die”.

It also seems like it’d be possible to do pre-stories for the Dark Stalkers. Like, stories of what the characters were like prior to them dying and becomming undead.


Both DS and RS kickass!!
Please get the rights and make em udoneko!!!


I could honestly say I’d be interested in both. I am very fond of both of the series and it be great to see them in a comic.

So thats at least one confirmed buy. laughs You know you’ll make about $3 now.


I know very little about Darkstalkers as i’ve only played the one game, but Rival School was one of my favorite game series so i’d definatly be interested in seeing a comic of that.

At least if UDON do have the licenses well seem the books a lot sooner then when Dreamwave had them, when was Rival Schools ment to be out from them? April wasent it? After all these years Dreamwave still havent got things sorted out when it comes to releasing things.


I’d be more into darkstalkers.


I would be more into Rival school. Darkstalkers would be cool, but i never really played the game but once. So I don’t really know the story or the characters.

But If udon would realse both, i’ll def buy both of em. Any capcom comic is great.

(except for the megaman one, god that one sucks)


id prefer rival schools cuz that one would be more jokes.

i have a question, how did they acquire these rights? did they just buy them, was udon interested in them…was their a bidding war or does capcom like dreamwave better? since most of their franchise went to DW?


Well I am still waiting impatiently to find the release dates for the DreamWave Rival Schools & DarkStalkers comics, I don’t know how good DreamWave is the only comic book team I know now is Udon.

But if Udon decided to buy the rights for a DarkStalkers or Rival Schools comic I’d buy them & hey why not Final Fight why you’re at it?:smiley:


I’d buy both! Just make sure you throw away Dreamwave’s crappy treatment of Darkstalkers with Morrigan and Lilith being Vampires and working side by side to get a book that will help them enter the Human World. Man Dreamwave is crazy…

I did like the Devil May Cry Comic. The Megaman comic was straight up crappola.


Well, RS has a decent story. As in, character development.

And both series would require different artists from the ones in SF. Rival Schools is more caricatural and DS is over-the-top…

I would collect a monthly RS, but not a monthly DS.


I’d be more interested in a DS comic, but I’d give both of them a look.


Maybe Udoneko should take a poll.

It would be something to keep in mind, at least. That way, when the SF series comics end, the DS or RS comics could start.

Not necessarily “replacing” the SF series. But -you know- when something ends, it ends.


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i just want to get the word out here. because Dreamwave seems to neglect to tell us fans.


dont wait for DW to confirm. because they never confirm anythign here in the forums.

Is this true Udoneko?:eek: Please say it is!:smiley:




Really? This was unexpected.

So are the DS and RS books still going to be a limited series and a one shot respectively? And will Udon build upon DW’s existing plots and art pieces or will Udon start completely fresh with new creative direction?