Rival Schools #1 Scheduled for May 10th Release

According to Diamond’s Shipping lists for this week and next week, they have Rival Schools #1 Covers A & B scheduled to be released on the 10th.


Story & Cover Pics here

Tyler G

Good to know thanks. E3 news and Rival Schools Issue 1 out on the same week, good week to be a gamer. :smile:

Good shot! I`ve been waiting on this to come out! Now I gotta find and English Comic Book Store in Tokyo!

Have you been to the Comic Store in Shibuya? They carry our SF books there (I was there everytime I am in Japan and they always have SF as their top selling book listed!)

Whats the difference between Issue # 1 and Issue #1 Power Cel?

actually, the power cel is cancelled. Theres just not enough order to justify doing it. I feel bad. But theres a minimum QTY to do these and from day 1 when we get the orders, we have been trying to find an alternative way of possibly doing it but there are just no other choice. So we have to unfortuunately cancel it.

That is a shame, thats a damn good cover too:sad: My only hope Sakura will be on the Tpb cover. However i am glad it finally comes out, i just hope it sells out:wonder:

That’s too bad. I was already planning to buy it. Now I don’t know which cover to get.

Are you sure Rival Schools comes out this week? Because it’s not on my store’s list of comics coming out on May 10.

It has now been slated for a May 17 release date per Diamond. Not sure why they changed it:


Nothing new there then.

Why am I not surprised? Oh well, I’ll stick to X-Men (only cause Udonko once mentioned in a post that everyone focuses on it. I myself am a Spidey dude). See ya.

Thanks! Ah well Killer 7 #3 comes out this week at least, that will have to do for my Capcom comics fix…

Ryu Kazama - No Spider-Man comics come out this week, you’re screwed. :rofl: But there’s at least one X-Men related title every single week, you should be okay. Mark my words, 52 #1 will own the week if you’re a DC head. :smile:

I still ned Killer 7 #1 and #2…I don’t think my shop actually got them in. Or my brother didn’t look properly (does that often unless I text him on the day when he goes to tell him what to look for. Mind you, he has 40+ titles of his own to pick up so meh).

As for Spidey titles. Oh well. I still got some stuff from months before to read through. Castlevania (oooold), Sons of Liberty #4 and 5, City of Heroes, Ultimate X-Men (have about 3 issues to read), Ultimate Fantastic Four (have a few of them too) and some others. Then there’s the 11 volumes of Initial D to still go through (stuck on Volume 4, haven’t bothered to continue), start Jing, etc etc.

Killer 7 has been an intersting read, I still haven’t gotten around to playing the game though, of what I hear it’s one of those games you’ll either really like or really hate. I’ll get around to at least renting it sooner or later. I like how the comic takes place on an alternate earth, how the world would be if certain political events would of been different. Plus the 7 Killers ordeal is cool.

I don’t read the Ultimate books too much, just for the fact that I don’t want to start Marvel continuity over again in my head, lol! I really didn’t care for the Castlevania comic, it just wasn’t true to the games at all IMHO. The Metal Gear Comics are all great though. I prefer the manga Jing to the anime, the anime’s cool but for some reason it just doesn’t capture how great the manga looks to me. A few animes to me are like that.

I was collecting the Metal Gear Solid comics but since nothing was left out of the TP’s I switched to those. I have the 1st signed hardcover version of volume 1 but volume 2’s was cancelled so I just have the paperback there.

I like the comics, it’s all pretty much straight from the games with a few little additions which sometimes explain more. I’m really not keen on the art style for comic action though, sometimes it’s hard to get what’s going on.

Man, I was personally hoping for Psycho Mantis to tell Solid Snake in the comic “So you like to play Castlevania games!” like he does in MGS if you have a Castlevania SOTN save on your memory card, but you can’t have it all I guess… :sweat:

is it possible to only order one comic and have it sent to my house, or i have to order 6 comics to get them sent to my house? thx.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

B&N better get these, I don’t wanna have to wait for a trade :frowning: