Rival schools avatar


anyone interested…
why i can’t able to put it in my avatar ??


There’s nothing in the attachment. :wasted:




all avs are 160x64 and under 20k

the error message lists as 140x140 but it is incorrect.


anyone can make 1 ?? with that sample


I’ll give it a try, you’ll have to give me most of the weekend for it, I’m a bit buzy.

I’ll try and find a better picture for you too ;p.



i’ll give it a try to sence no one is requesting in my thread


here you go, let me know if it needs changed:



oh my god !! that was great …
i’ll give you some more extra source …to give it much better !!


alright this 1 …
i want it looks like victory-screen
with this line …
’ they call me Gedo alex , the alex-pro in gedo city ’


and add this on edge’s back ground

so as daigo’s 1