Rival Schools Comics Online

Heyo gang!

We get asked a lot when we are going to finish the Rival Schools story. Well, here you go! We’ve put the first two chapters of Rivals Schools online for free (nearly 80 pages), and will be adding a new page every day until the story is complete. We’ve got a few new pages up already, so head on over and check it out!

  • UDON Matt


Thanks a lot! Been wondering when we’d see the rest of the story. :smile:

Yeah this is great idea. now it will read & Judge like a full story.:woot:

That scene with Hyo’s father was GANGSTA! :tup:

RS #3


He spoke to Hyo while his body was burning up, doing his best Pyron imitation! :rofl: :lovin: :tup:

RS #3


HAW HAW HAW at Kyoko fixing Hideo’s back! :rofl: Brings back a bunch of memories of playing RS back in the day! :tup:

Yeah! Fan service at it’s finest:lovin:

Holy shit! Thank you so much for this UDON.

It’s not itouch/mobile friendly. =[

Now with more sticky! :lovin:

I would have missed this if not for the sticky… thx Sano san

:coffee:… read the 1st book and liking it so far…

:wonder: did TvC lead to this coming out?

If TvC Batsu is well received (i’m thinking so) and in turn this E-comic gets a lot of traffic (may need more exposure) could it lead to a Rival Schools revival?

The comic came out before TVC, but if you mean TVC leading Udon to finally put these issues up online then I dunno lol! Rey did issues 3 and 4 some time ago and Udon’s had them for a while, so I’m guessing Udon just figured out a way to give them to the public, FOR FREE! :smile:

Any chance this will lead to a TPB release now?

Looks like page 24 of volume 4 is a mistake where they reprint a page from an earlier issue lol! :sweat:

Seems like it’s getting towards the end. Kind of surprised at how well Roy and Boman are performing in this comic. USA! USA! USA! :lovin: :tup:

Read the whole thing, it was really cool. The last issue was nonstop action! Thanks for sharing Udon, FOR FREE! Looking forward to playing with Batsu again in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. :smile:

Slightly OT but here’s an awesome write-up about Batsu from Capcom’s site, letting people know who he is just in case they’ve never played RS. Also Casshern. There’s a link in there for Ryu from Street Fighter and Ken The Eagle from Gatchaman too. Looks like they’ll provide bios like this for everyone in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom so keep an eye on it. :tup:


It’s in Black and White. Is the pay version in color?Like that chew comic that came with the new Walking Dead issue.

Yeah Udon’s other Street Fighter comics are in color.