Rival Schools coming to PlayStation Store



At least is something…

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Do we know if it’s coming to *US *playstation stores?


No but as far as i know PS3 doesn’t have any regional lockout.


In a fair world, this would be with online play. I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH. The most underrated FG ever made.



Alright! lolHyo and s. :lk: spam for the whole family!

Let’s hope ProJus will follow suit.





Wait is this the first game? Wonder if they’d release the 2nd one down the line, lol.


It’s mentioning the sim mode AND the first half of the demo shows the old arcade version air combo supers, so this is 100% the Arcade and Evolution discs from the first JP game. If they really want to they can get the US version to the US store.



I’m still holding onto the original PS1 discs even though my PS1 died like in 98.


I have both this and the 2nd Nekketsu Nikki disc in my Book of Poverty™, so I’m not really interested in this release other than “good, I’ll have more victims at Evo”


You’ll still have to get a JP account though.

Actually, I need to check the Asian PSN stores, we sometimes get stuff same week as Japan.


I wish this was on xbox live as well
always loved playing project justice with my peoples



Seems Capcom had a hard battle in order to release this


I hope that doesn’t stop them from releasing this in the US, at least like a Japanese Import. I love the Evolution disc so much, even though I never understood even a single thing from the dating sim mode :rofl:

Now gimme some Project Justice re-release with netplay.


Hmm, gotta figure out a way to get me some Japanese PSN cards.


You can buy them at playasia.com. I’ve bought them there before. Plus you have the option to have them send the code to your email (use this option, it is fast).


As much of a boost to sales it would be to distribute it on XBL as well, I highly doubt MS would allow a product made on a competitor’s system(even if it was one from before their time in the console market) to be on their system. Especially considering Capcom isn’t porting the arcade version but the PSX ports. =/

From the looks of it PJ will have the same problems, but I’d love this too if Capcom goes through enough trouble. The only other answer is Dreamcast emulation since one of them has netplay, and not every computer can run that.

To be honest, this is the first time I’ve felt that I have given Capcom money for something I’ve felt was worthwhile since SFAA.






Somebody tell me what the Ganinfinite is so I may body with Gan…in the future.