Rival Schools' CPS2 sprites (Collab work)


This is a collab work where we, some spriters around the web, did the Roster from Rival Schools in CPS2 style:

Here are some Mockups, I just did 2:

But, here are some extra SFIII Mockups:
(Oni is from Steamboy)

And this is NOTHING compared to the whole encyclopedia we did where we show sprites of the most popular characters from CAPCOM & SNK in different styles:



-*Just click the spoilers and the images
-*There you can see the spriters’ galleries in the credits.

I was really careful to select only the best sprites, to give credit to the original author and do some sprites by my side to complete the encyclopedia.

Of course I would be more than happy if some of these sprites turn into complete playable characters in official games. It would be cool to lead a developing team in order to do this.

But as far, most of us take this just as a hobby. (…I really wish to work at CAPCOM’s someday >:P)



I updated the encyclopedia, here is one of the eight sheets:

The four styles are Neo Geo Pocket, King of Fighters, Capcom vs SNK and CPS2


-As a reminder:

You can see all of them in Mugen Fighters Guild:


Or in Mugen Imperio Latino:


If I see more activity in this forum I could move all the encyclopedia here.


This is freakin awesome, I can’t believe I never checked out this part of the forums before. These sprites rock!

So are the Rival School character sprites used in any Mugen games?


Yoooo, this thread is bursting at the seams with awesome! :slight_smile:

You guys rock hard.


wow very clean!