Rival Schools / Darkstalkers @ UDON

We got our comics in early to go on sale tomorrow when i came across this advert in the back of the comic that i thought was VERY interesting!

Looks like UDON now instead of Dreamwave!!

Great news i recon!


You couldve just replied to one of the other threads about it (Theres what? Three?).

But thanks anyway.

Truth is, im worried about the art. The art in the SF comic is not consistent. All kinds of people here agreed about this.

Now, will they be able to make two smaller books consistent when their biggest title isnt?

And: are they going to use the same art style from SF/Deadpool in Rival Schools and Darkstalkers? Because that wouldnt work. A lot of the RS kids are supposed top look cute.

it’s gonna be awesome:cool:

Anybody actually know when both comic series’ are going to get their first issues?

I love the original artwork that i saw on the Dreamwave site a while ago, of some of the rival schools characters. They looked exactly how they should, and very “official capcom” like. I really hope that Udon produce art of this same calibur.

Does anyone know if the darkstalkers comic ever came out?

So is this the surprise Udoneko???

Because this surprise thing has been bugging me forever…

its true that the art hasnt really been consistent, but i think udon will do a better job then dreamwave can, especially now since they canned tmnt.

anyways i just wanna know, how all this happened?

did udon have to buy the rights from dreamwave cuz they had it first right?

or can capcom just pick anybody they like.

The Artist Dreamwave had for Darkstalkers was really good. Udon should keep the Artist and throw away Dreamwave’s storyline treatment with Morrigan being a ‘vampire’ and working with Lilith of all things.

As for Rival Schools, PLEASE don’t let this Month’s Back Up Artist Garza touch it, LOL!

Udoneko alreaady said this is not the surprise. Guess again.

Darkstalker is an okay series but Im not really looking forward to this series for I dont really like any of the characters in that game except Lilith. Maybe ill grab the comic cause of her:eek:

Im looking for to rival school and hoping for Ran to make a huge appearance in the series for she is #1:eek: Saiiiikkyyyooooo

Yup Rival Schools and Darkstalkers are indeed going to udon. Better not have some wack artist doing the rival Schools comic, because I’ll be real pissed.

Yeah don’t let Garza, Lieield, or Laroca touch this comic.

Editing this just to say firetrainer likes men.:lol:

For Darkstalkers - It should be like the first Game in the beginning. Demitri kicks everybody’s Ass and the story has no redeeming values whatsoever! He’s the one who storyline wise beats Pyron, not Donovan like the Anime portrayed.

For Rival Schools - Will Udon get the green light from Capcom to tie it into SF? Sakura’s in the first Game, at least.

im looking forward to the rival school’s comic, damn u sf comic, why’d u have to get me into comics!! i never read comics until the sf series came out :bluu: oh well

i used to be a darkstalkers fan, but i dont think i’ll be buy it, i think i’ll probably scan through it a the store and if i see somethin i like i’ll buy it, but rival schools for sure

and that’ll be cool if they did have a sf crossover thing with sakura


I wanna see Star Gladiator too!!!

If Udon have got Darkstalkers and Rival Schools as well as SF, then how about a Star Gladiator comic. That would be amazing!! Great character designs, cool storyline and Hayato, June and Bilstein are really cool! Go on Udon… at least produce a one off special or something! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :lol:

I’M CONFUSED. are they making a darkstalkers comic? or are they making just a darkstarkers/rival school one shot crossover?

I don’t think its going to be a crossover.

it’s two different comics i believe,

instead of a star gladiator comic, i would love to see a remake of the game for the ps2 :smiley: the characters were awsome

Yeah, Star Gladiator 3!!!

Damn right Hitshiro, a new version for PS2 or even Xbox would be amazing. Bring back the 3D backgrounds that episode 1 had on the PS1, (and episode 2 on dreamcast didnt!! -WTF!), and upgrade all the graphics to DOA3 standard. That would be great… Of course it will most likely never happen cause capcom seem to have abandoned great games like this… Imagine if you had top characters like Hayato, Gerelt and June all in fully motion captured glory, fighting in huge full 3D multi-area arenas, like a spaceport level with vast ships takin off and landing in the background… Bloody great!
Anyway, this is all off topic and probably boring the shit out of anyone reading it so over and out…:lol:

Rival scools better be hot dog, and i don’t mean the one with ketchup and mustard.

Darkstalkers is secondary for me as I probably may pick it up depending on the art.

Dreamwave is going down the gutter… hopefully things don’t go awry with their TRANSFORMERS properties!! I’d be ABSOLUTELY DEVASTATED IF THEY F’ED THINGS UP on that front… TF comics were the sole reason of why I got into comics in the first place… :confused: