Rival Schools Issue 2 Speculation and Spoilers Thread

Ha ha, my picture is in this comic too, only because it has the same exact con report as the SF comic, only in black and white. :smile:

Good issue, loved the action and there was one scene that reminded me of the game, with the 3 students lined up together as they do in the cut scenes. Loved Shoma, who’s voiced by Yuji Ueda in the games (who voices Sagara Sanosuke of Rurouni Kenshin, the guy in my avatar) and his fight with Edge just made me think of Sagara Sanosuke’s small bief with Cho of the Juppon Gatana! Hey, did one of those Justice High School kids do a Naruto teleport hand signal? :rofl:

I do wish that Akira would have kept her secret identity a little longer though… but all around a good read.

Bought it and Read it:

  • Akira’s “secret” revealed: TOO SOON. Seriously, her identity should have been revealed towards the end of the story. (And that’s her secret BTW. That she’s a she masquerading as a he. You either already knew that or you’re going “What’s Rival Schools?”)

  • A lot of the poses (and seemingly dialogue, I need to check) were lifted straight from the game it seems like. This is both good and bad: the accuracy and consistency with the game is great, but I have the game at home and I can play through Story Mode in like an hour or less as opposed to waiting like a year to get through it.

  • So… Shoma gets captured by Justice High, eh? I always wondered which one gets captured storylinewise. (When you play as Gorin in Story Mode, the character you don’t pick is the one that gets abducted by Justice. Though I guess Shoma isn’t getting injured first…) (NOTE: This hasn’t actually happened yet, but if they’re following the story…)

  • I didn’t know f+K was a special move for Roberto…

shoma leaves the team because of argument =_=;;; natsu and shoma just can’t get along . shoma goes solo and got captured by hideo and kyoko .

Command attack at any rate. It’s the knee that leads to a canned chain (more kicks I believe) ending in a header/air combo starter.

On the other hand :l:+:hk: is an overhead stomp/heel attack (which can lead to :qcf: :qcf: :k: Victory Goal super)

And yeah, Shoma was the one captured in the official story IIRC. RSE2’s a retcon, and it’s Nagare who helped the other two Gorin youngins.

oh roberto’s soccer juggle :o ? is B-+lk or something and it sucks .

In PJ? I’m playing Arcade/Arcade Disc PSX RS; I could have sworn some other command normal occurs with f+hk.

Akira’s gender secret should’ve, could’ve been kept till next issue. The quality in the art skips a beat after a few panels, but overall it was good read.

U know whats really ironically funny?: The cover artist,Sven. His artwork almost mirrors edayan’s when i saw the cover. isn’t it funny:lovin:

If thats true, then i will enjoy it even more 'cause i just got the import version but i don’t know the story 'cause its in Japanese:looney:

i’ll buy every issue but i am not enjoying it.

The big question:

Were you satisfied by Natsu’s debut, Phot… erm… 4negs?

Natsu did not do anything that I was satisfied with.

Natsu: Shoma you idiot! Wait! Shoma THis al your fault!!! Shoma Shoma Shoma!


Haven’t seen it yet, unfortunately. If it’s anything like the 2004 preview, I’m sold. Judging from the above post however, it’s not anything that I haven’t seen before. Oh well, we’ll see.

Pretty good issue overall. And it had a small Karin story after the RS story which is a big plus.

A good read, I agree Akira’s identity should have been kept secret a little longer… mainly because I love the biker & helmet outfit.

Since this is the 1st RS I picked up, I gotta say that Rey’s style fits RS nicely.

I hope Udon can keep RS up since it’s a tough project, (u know “Rival Schools? Is that a rockband?” etc.)