Rival Schools Jan Solicitation


I’m liking Rey cover art even more, it feels like it has the spirit of the game. :clap:
Lee’s cover is beyond great:tup:
And c’mon it’s Mr. Rival Schools himself doing the foil cover. I hope he gets to do the TPB cover like Shinkiro :karate:

I’ve posted some larger pictures of the covers on SFD if you want to take a look.

The one reason i had to buy this was the Edayan cover. And now that i see it, it looks like his worst work since… ever. 100% pass. Rey´s artwork is just… ugh. Even Liefeld would be better.


sweet lordy, Liefeld!!! thats a smack in the crotch! fair enuff, not everyone is gonna like his style, but i think it rocks…mainly coz it HAS style…i thik his stuff is pretty unique, and interesting at least… i think Rey’s stuff just feels more contemporary than alot of stuff out there, suits the moment. We’ll see anyway - i cant wait.

The covers look quite good to me. I’ll 100% give the book a try.

Looks like I’ll have to “persuade” the comic shop owner around here to get that foil cover…


I agree on the Rey/style issue for this series but that Liefeld comment was uncalled for.
Below the belt…even for you.

Liefield? Only if you wanted characters as tall as buildings in one panel and then irregularly deformed in the next. IMO, rey’s got a unique style which is growing on me the more I check out the sketches he did (posted on another thread…somewhere). I think his art looks better in black and white and as the comic is monochrome…

So RS comic is 48 pages for every issue? Is it therefore going to be $4.95 each month because if so, I can only really afford the one cover…

I always love your post ditching UDON. It makes me feel that I need to work harder to get your “approvals”. But you ditching Edayan is just… amazing… are you really that Anti-Capcom…? LOL!

RE: Liefield…

This has been in my mind for a while… get Rob to do a Zangief back up…

they all look great, and it appears as though they’ll make sakura a staple character, as long as she doesn’t just disappear in the “second game” lol

man, that sakura foil cover looks absolutley gorgeous…beautifully drawn, i’ve not picked up one foil cover yet, mainly coz i never see 'em coz they sell quick and they are a bit expensive when already buying two covers of sf anyways…but i might make the extra effort to try to get this one, sah-weeet.

udoneko…i thought it was us brits who were meant to be the sarcastic ones…leifeld doin a back up…you crack me up

Well, I think they look amazing. Its cool thats its gonna be 48 pages every month and have that black and white style. Dissing Udon and Edayan was messed up though…but Udoneko, I think you guys at Udon always do a good job on your products and I hope to see even more.:tup:

I’ve got at least one of every single issue of the SF/DS comics that Udon has done and i plan on continuing to do so with this new series. So Erik, i’m just saying that if you make Liefeld do an SF backup story i’ll still buy the issue, but we can’t be friends after that. Friends don’t let friends buy Liefeld art.

I think TimeStop is just being his usual raving hater self. I can’t understand how someone wouldn’t enjoy Rey’s artwork. It’s so stylish and energetic.

TimeStop: Fair warning - if Liefeld winds up doing a backup story in an SF comic, we’re gonna hold you partially responsible and that shit is against forum regulations. That’s right, i said it, anything that leads to Liefeld getting more work in the comic book industry a bannable offense on SRK.

Ken (writer) already did a 10 hit combo on me last time I said “Let’s get Liefield!” LOL

I luv you Maj!

Liefeld should do a Back Up. He needs to Back Up away from the comics industry and get himself into an Anatomy class.

I wonder how Sakura’s Power Cell will look. Glowing Pink? Can’t wait to see that.

January huh? Seems like a long time from now. Hoping Ray proves all of the nay sayers wrong.

I think the Rey cover looks fantastic. I like how it’s split into panels according to schools, nice touch.

Damnit, now I want to play the game. Argh!

I don’t know how you guys will take this, but I’ve heard Liefeld is a fan of my work :]

I’m glad most of you guys like the cover. Wait til you see the 2nd backup!!!

The covers are definitely kick ass…I can’t WAIT for the Sakura power foil! :clap: :tup:

Great artwork, but damn. Sakura glorifying -__-’

Tamagawa Minami HS is not a rival school! This comic better not turn out to be some “Detective Sakura and friends” garbage!

It pisses me off that theyre taking her this far when they could be developing other characters who had more influence in the games much better!

ok yes its only cover art(gorgeous work too) , but come on! that last one could easily be swapped out to be a SF cover if they wanted or something! Theres absolutley nothing RS about it ;_;