Rival schools:kyosuke and the other guy in his team


hey how come no one talks about this game anymore its pretty good well any ways anyone kno how to really use kyosuke and that other guy in his team i think his name is bash or something like that please i need help


you mean Batsu…I can help but what do you need combos,starts,etc. and for what game Rival Schools or Project Justice?..:smiley:


arent they the same thing though and i was about to call him bash i was also try that girl with the volley ball but whatever u right its koo


Namelist for nearly EVERY character in Rival School/Project Justice:

Taiyo High:
Batsu: The Ryu-clone in a jogging suit.
Hinata: The Sakura-ripoff
Kyosuke: The tall guy in the white trenchcoat
Hayato: The gym teacher with the shinai (bamboo whoopin stick)
Ran: The girl with the camera
Iincyo (Chairperson): Umm… (haven’t played Proj. Justice much)

Gorin High:
Shoma: Baseball player
Natsu: Volleyball player
Roberto: Soccer player
Nagare: Swimmer
Momo: Tennis player

Pacific High:
Roy: Terry Bogard ripoff
Tiffany: Cheerleader
Boman: Big black guy

Gedo High:
Akira: Biker chick (goes to another school in Proj. Justice)
Gan: Big huge guy in green
Edge: Throw Benimaru and Choi from KOF in a blender…

Justice Gakuen:
Hideo: Huge Ryu ripoff
Kyoko: Glasses, trenchcoat, legs (Nuff said :D)
Hyo: Sephiroth???


I love Rival Schools/Project Justice.

My team is Wild Daigo, Kyoko, Kurow. When I’m feeling feisty I use Momo.



my bad i forgot to tell you i use zinc to play sorry but isnt sakura in there or something like that i heard from some or a faq on gamefaqs


Sakura can’t be seen in the chara. select screen but is selectable similar to akuma in XvSF…Sakura is located above kyosuke and batsu…


Few changes in Project Justice:

Gedo High:
Daigo: Big guy in trenchcoat (Akria is his sister)
Edge: Yamazaki mixed with Benimaru
Gan: Guy has a barell around his waist

Seijyun High:
Akria: Biker chick
Zaki: S&M 2000 looking chick
Yurkia: Fights with violin :wtf:

Justice High:
Hyo: Kyosuke’s brother
Raizo: Batsu’s father, Hyo’s uncle
Kurow: Yurkia’s brother


then u got demon hyo and wild daigo, and no raizo…course kyoko is still…hot


Oh and forgot those stupid custom characters, Vatsu, Burning Batsu.


thanks Z



btw raizo’s not in PJ… though the extra characters are pretty weird… specially the last guy… all his special moves are supers…


It’s not a trench coat. It’s a school uniform. A trench coat is one of those things they wore in World War I when they were fighting in the trenches. Hence the name.

There’s not a whole lot to say about Rival Schools/Project Justice, because the games never really hit it off. I’m not sure what it was, but I’m sure character balance had something to do with it. Still, it was a great engine, and I sincerely hope that CFAS is using it.