Rival Schools promo piece

I found this promo piece somewhere from Udon. Looks very cool to me. You cannot hide secrets from me udon.

waooo. :eek:

Dude, thats your drawing isn’t it? I recognize your style. And you did that other rival schools sketch you posted earlier. Whats going on here?

Official art or not, they look OLD.

MAAAAAAAN!!! That is awsome. I can’t wait! :eek:

Thx guys. I was just playing around. I did this before rs even launched that is why I have this already. THX again.

you are slick!:cool:

aw shit man, Why haven’t I seen this

I didnt even knew you drew rival schools character. And it even has my boy Hayato in it. Next to Alex vs. Yun/Yang, this one is my favorite.

Great great work bud! You’ve impressed me along with the majority of the board with that image. Heheh, You! Get a job at Udon or some big company already!!

Wait, you drew that? You should be making buckets of cash drawing like that. Well this is hands down the best fanart i’ve ever seen. If you’ve got more keep them coming! And where can i see the other art you’ve done that someone here was talking about.

good job man! keep it up.


you drew that damn that is awsome u should make a fan comic :smiley:

DUDE. draw some sequentials!

It’s weird the way Shoma and Natsu are situated, it looks like Natsu is fixing to whack that volleyball with a bat :stuck_out_tongue:

Some real good stuff again man. Be intresting to see your own take on a back story for the Street Fighter comic, even the one that was up for the competition/search for talent, though admitidlly doing poster type art and sequentual art is a lot different so keep to what ya want.

Just be sure to show us what ya do so we can lavish praise on you!