Rival Schools Sequel

Do you think Capcom should make another sequel to Rival Schools? I personally say yes. I’ll laugh at the next bunch of threatening comments thrown at me so feel free to send all you want.

I hate you for getting my naive hopes up.

i almost had a heart attack at seeing the thread title. curse you!

:frowning: For minute there I thought I was going to see Kyosuke and Daigo again in another game (Daigo from Project Justice not Umehara)

Dude, not cool… I hate false hope…

I love the Rival Schools series and would absolutely love to play a new game.

Next time you do something like that, put a fucking question mark in there.


Asshole I got all worked up.

Yes, with music more like the first than the second.


Indeed, project justice had crappy music.

:rofl: Guess I fell for it too. That explains the neg this guy has, I suppose.

yup. if i still had prem i’d rep you.

what is the point of a thread like this seriously

lol Wishlists.

Yeah exactly I second that:wonder:there’s like 2 or 3 threads about the same damn thing anyway…look around for it before you posted it buddy

***FUCK YOU! ***

why is everyone so gullable? do believe anything you read on srk


Don’t you people ever think before making a thread? Rival School’s has been discontinued for a while, so making a thread about it that is non gameplay related is pointless


Do you think Capcom should make another sequel to Rival Schools? QUOTE]

The real question is, do you really need to make another spam wishlist thread with the same questions that people have asked before?

so much hate…