Rival Schools side action during Evo at The Valley hotel


Hey everyone if anyone is interested in having some fun during the evo weekend im bringing Rival Schools 1 with me to have some laughs and fun during the nights at evo. If anyone is interested in playing after competitions are over during the day we can enjoy the night away with some rival school action.



Make sure to complete ignore any beareded tall black men asking for games.

With glasses.


Sounds like fun, expect to see me there if I find it.




I’ll be arriving vegas Imperial on the 5th.


ooooh shit if I see this I’m down.


If you see a guy wearing a tapout tekken shirt around the lobby thats me.


Room # pls


Blood feast ill let you and everyone else know the room number once i arrive at imperial so check back on this thread for the room number to ask for me & see all you guys there :slight_smile:



im tall and black and have a beard and glasses does that mean i cant play?