Rival Schools: United by Fate (PS)

I only have the Arcade Disc, not the Evo Disc (magically disappeared when I moved), so i can’t answer any questions regarding it. Game has solid gameplay and depth. Surprisingly not a mash fest like many people claim it to be. I use Roy/Hideo as my main team. Anyone else play this?

Yes i’m aware this is an 8 year old fighting game, but it’s still good, damnit. :sad:

yea I just bought this game a few days ago at a flee market cause I remembered playing it back in my days in Japan and I still love it.

Umm… I remember one disc had more combos? Like, one disk you could lk lk into anything?

Meh, whatever.

It’s a fun game that looks cool and is easy to play. But IMO the combos are fucking LAME since they’re all the same (Except for SAkura’s boring air combo that went on forever)

The infinites on the big guy were fun. Nevere really got into the game hardcore because most of the people I played against were fucking garbage. System is whack too… tardy counters? wtf is that? that sounds broken off the start, i mean, free alpha counters?

Best thing about the game, is that it attracts all the mashers and morons away from the REAL street fighting games in the arcade. The worst mashers I’ve ever seen play RS.

The arcade disk was an arcade port. It had a loose, but not lk lk to anything, combo system. Some characters had different combos (such as Akira). Tardy counters were free, but you can’t punish weak attacks (which generally meant that most matches were exchanges of lk).

There were parts I liked about the game, and many that I did not. I loved Akira’s combo system. The throw system was also nice, as well as the non-launcher air combos, extremely well-implemented dash. Unfortunately, the lk spam made for boring matches – a single lk that hits meant 50% off at the miniumum, more against characters like Sakura. Air fireball was retarded. Wile you could dodge it, several character could keep you at bay until time ran out, which, again, made for seriously boring matces.

The EVO disk had a different, very strict combo system – I don’t think there’s a single character with lk lk combos but still kept theire lp lp combos. However, since lp could be crouched, it meant no more spamming weak attacks.

I still play this since it’s one of the first fighters I picked up when I first became interested in the genre.

I agree, air fireball shit (Natsu, Hideo, etc.) was some boring shit.

Rob was fun to play, and Hyo has some fierce, abusive shit.

I missed playing this game…anyone still remembers Sakura semi infinite air combo? :pleased:

s.lk,s.lp,s.hp,df+hk(launch)~[j.lk,j.lp,j.lk,j.lp~j.f+hp] x n

if memory serves me correctly. Been playing it in the arcades though, and not on the PSX (as the thread starter suggests) so I don’t know about the variants on the later.

but doesn’t that meteor smash them into the ground (j.f_ho) which they can safe fall off of?

It may differ from the PSX, since what I’ve seen and done is from the arcade cab. AFAIK the j.lk can catch them as they fall and you can do a few iterations, and then do a shinkuu hadouken (instead of f+hp) before they fall too far down.

I’m not sure if I’m missing a j.hk somewhere, but if someone knows better feel free to correct. Admittedly Sakura’s not my oft-played one in this game.

there’s also Natsu’s air semi inf:

launch, j.lp, j.lk,~ [uf.hp, uf.hk,…] x n

So that’s how it’s properly done. Thanks. I think it lasts 4 or so reps before they fall too far down.

Roberto’s half-life one is

lk,lk,hk,df+hk, [j.lk, j.lp]x2, f+hk, qcf+P.

well to get it past 7 reps, when you launch, wait a half second to connect the j.lk so that they opponent is lower than regular height. It should still connect.

Rival Schools is one of my absolute favorites. The Sakura air infinite variation I used to do was: launch, jump, [lk, lp, VERY slight pause, lp, lk, f+hp] x N until they fall too low to the ground. The timing for the lk after the f+hp end is really strict, it pretty much has to be done right after the f+hp comes out. Also if I remember correctly you had to be considerably “deep” on your opponent’s body in order for this combo to work. I’ll look for my game somewhere and test it out later I guess.

Gan actually has a true infinite that is very easy to do (Arcade disc only of course). On the ground, [lk, lk, d+hp, f+hp, qcb lp] x N. I believe any of the hits in the combo can link into his sumo slap super if you wish, but I’m not too sure.

Oh yeah, and Hyo is too top tier for his own good…Nasty abusable shit he had lol. :tup:

He can launch after his qcb+p,p move, and his qcf,qcf+K super is retarded (you can max out and glitch the arcade score this way). ;_;