Rival Schools

Whatever happend to good strategic games like rival schools. CAPCOM is in need of a sequel if I do say so myself.

How come Rival Schools is “strategic”?

And Capcom’s Rival Schools has sequels (Rival Schools 2 and Project Justice).

there is no fighting game is strategic …

Hayato infinite on Raizo/Gan: pretty simple!

J.SP, land, J.LK -> Jab Scolding Slash, land, J.LK -> Jab Scolding Slash, land, J.LK, J.FK (as you jump towards the enemy), land, repeat from the beginning!

Daigo Infinite on Gan/Raizo: Also simple!

J.FP, land, J.LK, J.LP, land, J.LP, J.LP (as you fall), J.LP, J.FK (as you fall), jump toward enemy with J.LP, J.LK, then repeat from the beginning!

Other characters have infinites like these, but they are only the characters that have hop kick-like animation during the jumping attack (so people like Batsu/Hinata/Sakura/Akira(both versions) and others with a ninja-like jump kick animation wont have this setup feature! I wish I could show a demo with a video but I dont have a video capture card :frowning:

omg!! rival schools has infin.t.i.e.s… damn i am leaving to go try that shit is there any timing to it?

it’s in rsevo2 only :bluu:

nagare and roy infinites in PJ , rock on !