Rival Schools

Posted this in the comic forum, but in case any didn’t see it here it is. A fake promo piece of rs hehe.

shit sux

go learn how to draw nigga.

Nah its good, good stuff from you as usual. When is your site gonna launch? and more importantly, when do you want to play cvs2 again?

there’s a comic forum in this place?

Consistently fresh and amazing Brother…thats how it should be.:cool:

Diddnt you get that Job offer from Udon in the mail yet?:smiley:


jeez man take it ez. you’re whippin out the sick stuff all the sudden. this shoulda bin the cover for rival skools 2

you got all my favorite characters in there too. all the characters look great but shoma and hayato jus look awesome! its too bad capcom never came out with a rs 3. guess they dont wanna milk the francise too much i guess.

all the characters look velvety smooth. now i know you cant get that using photoshop, so whats your secret, eh??? you cant just lay this shit down without tellin me how you got those effects.

peace man

Wow, very nice indeed. Awesome colors and you matched the character’s personalities very well with their poses. Great work. Keep it up! :smiley:

:eek: …:frowning::cool::smiley: …im so freakin speachless…lol ur so funny sfmc fakin promo stuff in the thread, i saw that batsu one u did a while back on the comic thread too :lol: i knew u were lying, it was hilarious!!

THEY drawn yurika’s eye’s wrongly …

edit : BATSU he looks old ! he’s 16-17 years old … everyone’s is 16-17 , except for daigo and some characters

good stuff as usual, man. Stronger colours would have been better, though - it’s Rival Schools! The series has really vibrant colours.

other than that and the characters seeming a bit on the old side, it’s really good stuff :slight_smile: Why hasn’t Udon offered you a job yet?

Rook is correct

Why haven’t they offered you a job? Do you wanna know why? Cuz Udenko is scared. He thinks that your gonna end up replaceing him lol.

I already commeted on this pic at the comic thread. Like I said, one of my favorite pieces.

Thanks everyone. Yes I totally agree with everyone so far on the old issue. Everyone is around 16 and i know kurow is around 15, and Kyosukes twin is hyo which I made look way older. It is just the style I have so I cannot help it. Imitating a style is a no no for me.

As for the color issue you guys are correct again. Bright is too pokemonish happy go lucky for me hehe. Not really my thing. but maybe in the future i may do a rs sequential and saturate the colors a bit more. maybe inbetween what i have and the original.:slight_smile:

Thx again guys.

What have I drink yesterday for haven’t see this thread ? :confused:

Well,you have very well captured the “spirit” of Justice Gakuen,the composition is just perfect and the render is damn good !
Great job SFMC!(but the logo should be the one of “Moero!Justice Gakuen”:p)

most of the characters are all 17 in project justice , except for kurow and momo …

most of them are 16 years old at the 1st sequel …

spirit of justice … lol … and yucks , i have better life to do …
dear sfmc if you want to know MORE about rival schools trivia … feel free to visit ( we hate to post this in srk) www.snowstorm.50megs.com


Again Very Nice work.
You got them down pat!

I’m a huge Rival Schools fan. Can’t wait for the comic.

two questions?

1:Is that new av an attement at the Udon Talent serach script it looks Badass! I had a go at it myself. It’s floating around my gallery somewhere.

2:Whats the deal with this club thing thats at the bottom of you and some of the other artists posts?

Keep on truckin!

Thx cp

  1. Yes it was for the contest, but for fun as it was for Canadians only. Booo

  2. That is for people who play xbox live. I’m surprised this many people in this section play cvs2 online. The mod here plays this too, but never plays or post anymore. Talked to him a few times over xbox.

damn stop that beasting SFMC! Keep up the dopeness!