Rival Search : Stalking the pros

We post pros/entertainers of the FGC’s SFV names here!

Momochi - Shinobism114
Gamerbee - Gamerbee
Rico Suave - LRicoSuaveL
PoongKo - AngryPoongKo
Arturo - TS-Sabin
Filipino Champ - Fchampryan
PRBalrog - PR-Balrog
Floe - Floejisan
Mago - Mago2dgod
Daigo - DaigoTheBeasTV
Justin Wong - JWongAThome

A problem I’ve just run into is that if I save more than 7 people in my favorites then It will wipe previously added players… I will leave the post up but just a heads up to you guys.

One of the best functuons of sfv is viewing top rankers replays. Such a valuable too for us scrubs.

They said they are working on the Favorites list, it’s screwed up right now.
As for Pros, I was following like 10 of them including commentators from the FGC. If you don’t know there SFV ID, just wait until they stream.

Thanks for the update. I’ve been watching streams to catch peoples names but the purpose of this post was to save people [myself included] the hassle of waiting for those people to stream.