Rivals Schools 3 Discussion


Series Producer Hideaki Itsuno asked fans on twitter to tweet him #Rivalschools3 so that the game can happen, and it seems to be quite a lot of tweets

It’s confirmed that main characters Batsu, Hinata, and Kyosuke have yet to have graduated yet and have begun their 3rd year after Rival Schools 2.

Tweet him here


Has anyone translated the full interview?


it’s insane you completely ignored my topic I made about it 2 days ago, which is just a couple topics below this one

at least put Itsuno’s twitter on the first post. people ask to tweet them but don’t even bother to post their twitter address like I did.


Because no one cares


Lol I never saw yours


Same deal with Capcom vs SNK 3… do people seriously want another new fighting game from Capcom?

I mean c’mon.

I don’t even want to see Darkstalkers 4 at this point with the crap Capcom’s been doing.


Yes because I like the new games.


Seeing what Capcom has done to SFV I’d rather have them sell the IPs for Rival Schools and Darkstalkers to a third party company. At least they’d deliver a fylly working product at launch. Same with CVS3


Sadly most of the characters of the second game were bland, weird or didn’t fit the series. I don’t see where else this series could move on, other than having the baby boomers from Street Fighter Ⅲ as guest characters.


yet apparently at least a million more are willing to buy an incomplete $60 Street Fighter V than they would buy a superior fighting game like KOF XIV.

capcom has been making junk, but even at their worst, they can still make somewhat playable fighting games with high production values.

better a Rival Schools 3 and Darkstalkers 4 instead of street fighter sequels. if any fighting series should take a vacation/go on hiatus, it’s street fighter.


You’re not running the company, those games won’t sell enough, the recent HD online ports have shown it. Capcom is here to make profit of the world, not to change it.


well said, Capcom representative. can you be anymore of an asshat jackass? and that kind of toxic negative attitude is what caused the fall of companies like Sega in the industry.
I mean seriously, it’s like telling students to go commit suicide, because there’s no point taking risks in the world nor putting effort in anything, since they are going to die anyways.

“you’re not running the company”. no shit, sherlock reject.


A third Rival Schools has more of a shot of getting made than Darkstalkers. It’s premise is more conventional, easier to market and would appeal to fans of anime. It would be nice to have another team or tag fighter on the market.


Will these get 5000 entrants at Evo?


you act like street fighter has sold world breaking numbers lmfao
stop it

its not like capcom is developing much else you could make a new power stone as well

rival school is great so many memories of tag team matches at my friends house


you’re basically saying you would rather have nothing. people keep saying “i wish blank would sell blank series to a new company so they would do something with it” but that NEVER happens. the only time IPs change hands is if a company is either absorbed by another or they’re being liquidated and have to sell all their stuff.

people are also highly exaggerating SFVs blunders. ill take a working game over nothing personally.


Street Fighter Ⅱ has several records for being one of the best selling games of all time.

I disagree, Darkstalkers has more appeal because it’s based in monsters better known in the Western world, like vampires, werewolves, big foot, etcetera; their characters (like Morrigan, Felicia or Demitri) are better known to the audience and they’ve appeared in games like Marvel vs Capcom (in which no Rival Schools characters have ever been).
An unconventional premise also helps the game to separate more from traditional fighters like Street Fighter so they don’t count as competition. Mortal Kombat and Killer Instinct are at some extent monsters-based too and they’re more succesful. Monsters are more appealing to the Western audience, while Japanese students only appeal to the anime or Japanese market.
Anime games usually have to be cheap because it’s a small niche, while a good Darkstalkers game can appeal to the Killer Instinct audience, for example, if well done.

You’re a clown, man. A fucking clown.


I’m not talking about street fighter 2. that was obviously long ago
right now are you telling me that the newest street fighter right now is breaking records out here
rival schools is a good idea capcom has all these other titles that they could be working on why not make rival schools one of them


Street Fighter still has the potential to be a sales hit, just like Street Fighter Ⅳ was. The only problem with Ⅴ was they released an incomplete game, otherwise it would have been a commercial success.

Darkstalkers and Rival Schools were never big commercial successes, well, maybe back in the arcades times but that’s gone. So, the decision is very simple: stick to Street Fighter.

I still think Darkstalkers has the potential to be a commercial success but they would have to put much more effort on it than on Street Fighter, and also Capcom has said 3D graphics are harder to work with because the DS characters transform a lot and that takes too much RAM.


Ya know Capcom had Arc System Works develop a fighter for them before, right? Remember Sengoku Basara X?

I wouldn’t mind seeing Arc System Works take another crack at a Capcom game.