Rivals Schools 3 Discussion


Rival Schools 3 would be awesome. I’m all for classic fighters making a comeback.


Bring back Iinchou and make her more than a gimped Makoto. Also, more Ran and Yurika.


Unless he gets nerfed to hell in a possible sequel he will be top tier, just like Project Justice


We do.



Tiffany and Hinata in SF5 beach stage


even if they don’t make Rival Schools 3, fans might still get a Project Justice HD on PS4 out of the hype.

remasters are a market they are confident in.


Since Project Justice is one of my favorite fighting games ever, I’d be totally fine with this.


That would be great


Who is your favorite character? I haven’t played the games yet but the ones from YouTube videos I know mine is Ran Hibiki.



Yurika was mine. Her, Ran, and Iinchou were in my top 3, with Natsu just under them.




Japan still holds tourneys for ProJus

YT with recent stuff-

channel 1
channel 2
channel 3

Twitter accounts worth following-


As well as the #rivalschools3 hashtag





here’s new gameplay vids from a streamer




over an hour of Japanese matches!!



its great new gameplay videos are uploaded.


they should bring it to PS4


found recent Project Justice vid


I still haven’t played Rival Schools. This needs to change.

Not that I haven’t tried. I’ve just failed every time.


well capcom has proven they can come back if they want to, like how RE7 was a complete turn around.


ultimate legendary fights!!