Rivaly has its place... so keep it there

This video serves as a service announcement. Yeah…I know you guys hate me and of course you’re going to look for the negative in the video rather than the positive. Not a problem. Been there done that…I just want to keep things in perspective in terms of rivalries, so I can endure the hate.

No disrespect to anyone mentioned in the video. Alex Valle, Mike Watson, Jason Cole, Choi, Seth Kill and more I greatly respect the efforts that you have put in throughout the years to build the fighting game scene to where it is now. Although I personally don’t like this genre of gaming. :wgrin:


good points

at the endo of the day…it’s all good

Trash talk, "F"oney matches and all that hype just make this thing of ours even better

I like how all the players talk shit, play the game and then break bread together when the smoke clears. Its the way it should be donw

It’s a men’s world, it’s in our nature to talk shit to our direct opponents. This kind behaviour is only natural in a competitive environment, especially when it comes to fighting games.

Shit is entertaining.

People wouldn’t hate you so much if it wasn’t for this silly Dark Emperor, Knights of Arcadia business. I mean, in that other video, did you really just sit there in a dark shadowy corner talking about some message. You ain’t dr doom, you play video games.

And drop the authoritative tone.

Don’t hate on a man for having his own style.

So serious.

What??? Do you say that when people call out the dorks who wear anime hawaiian shirts too?

While I agree the whole emperor/power glove thing is creepy, I can’t deny that the content of the video seems level headed and on point. I think the trash talk is hilarious and should remain good natured. When its on, its on, but afterward, everybody grabs a beer together.

That’s different. Hawaiian anime shirts are part and parcel of some repulsive, garish little subculture, whereas, as far as I am aware, at least, this dudes’ style is not implicit of any kind of subculture. It’s his style.



Come on, man, he looks like a goof. I don’t even mind Triforce that much, nor much of what he has to say except for the fact that he tries to act and present himself as an actual Emperor who is addressing his subjects.

Agreed 100% with the video. Especially with the hip hop reference, good work. Look at the EC-WC rivalry in hip hop in the early-mid 90s, and look what came from it…nothing but tragedy.

EDIT: Who cares what this dude does? I dont even know much about him except hes a high position in EMP so im not polejocking but god damn…let the dude do what he wants. Dont like it? Dont watch it.

Yea, his style being original and his own doesn’t prevent it from being mad corny.

Let us pray that caps remain unpeeled in this rivalry.

On our end we will never unpeel the cap. Should for some reason it comes off, I will make sure that I take the responsibility and make sure that no issues manifest to physical real life stuff. The only people that make this a issue are the people from the outside looking in who talks trash. Usually to me or the Empire (Mainly me). However I actually don’t care and that is why nothing will pop off because the words stop affecting me many years ago. So this is all entertainment for us. :lovin:


(evil laughs)

I, The Deity, am above all knowing. It will never come to physical violence. (evil laughs)

Less fantasy role-playing IMHO

Christ. I thought this guy was dead or something…

Now there are 2 people trying too hard in this thread.

IIRC he does it to garner attention / publicity from others / media to gain interest in empire arcadia. The powerglove and hoodie gives him / empire an assosciable character for people to familiarize him / empire with. He isn’t just doing it for fun.

He mentioned it in an alphaism