Rivaly has its place... so keep it there

At least its funny when he does it. Him and JustOwnin provide the lulz.

I love rivalries makes everything fun as hell and more interesting as long as its in good spirit.

What I do hate though are…


respect for not wanting this to turn into an idiotic feud similar to the biggie/2pac battle. Nothing good comes from that hivemind bullshit, which stems from loyalty to insignificant things like where you live, lol.

Rivalries are all good fun when kept within reasonable bounds.

I haven’t been a huge fan of TFGM in the past but this video is pretty legit. Sensible stuff.

One of Kanyes worst beats IMO

i didn’t watch more than 30 seconds because i’m ADD as fuck but here’s a link to the referenced video in case anyone appreciates this modicum of convenience: “[media=youtube]_NM7x7TSnMM[/media]”

first off, fuck your bitch and the clique you claim. west side when we ride, come equipped with game.

Okay I did watch the rest because I’m reaaaaally ADD, good shit Triforce.

I appreciate this modicum of convenience.