River City Ransom Underground


Anyone else playing this? it’s pretty fun so far, a little buggy but they are slowly releasing fixes. Haven’t tried the arena thing yet but I’ll probably get destroyed seeing people posting some crazy combos already.


Bought it over the weekend, but the game didn’t auto-detect my Hori fight pad as a controller so I haven’t played yet.

The original is on my shortlist for best games of all time though, so you can be sure I’ll be neck deep in this at some point.


Yeah the original is my favorite beat em up.
It auto detected my PS3 controller right away but that’s because I’m using the XInput Wrapper for DS3 from the Pcsx2 forum, I think it makes it think it’s a x360 controller.


Bought it together with Hollow Knight, but the latter just stuck with me for now.
Gonna check out RCRU when they patched it a little bit more.


This is a beat 'em up, not a fighting game. As such, thread has been moved to GD.


@d3v Oh sorry, figured that Dungeon Fighter Online that’s labeled as a beat em up could be in Fighting Game Discussion this could too. Both games have 1v1 and 2v2 PVP modes.


Honestly, that most likely doesn’t belong in FGD either.


This game has a lot of bugs and questionable design choices, however it is fucking fun as hell to play.


It is fun when it works, and isn’t about anything else other than kicking asses.

But that is where the problems lie, lot of bugs, lot of stuff not working, the online MP being broke, etc. I know it is a small team but this has been worked on for about three-four years and they fucked up the one thing people cared about, no one would give a flying fuck if the online saving just worked.

Also buff Rudy. Slow ass motherfucker.


Yeah hope they fix the multiplayer save bug this week, I really want to play with friends and save properly. It was working in the beta people said but some changes they did messed it up and is taking a lot of work to get it fixed without getting messed up again with future patches.


I just got this game on Steam most recently so I have yet to play it. But I will when I finish the prequel. =)


Xinput only and the game plays terrible without a gamepad on PC are my biggest gripes


Maybe they wanted to be like Capcom. B)


Well I got a Sony Dual Shock 4 working with the game now, so thats out of the way.


Yeah when I first installed it I couldn’t even exit out of the game properly because I didn’t have my pad hooked up to it.


Multiplayer save patch is finally out(and other fixes) time for a 4 player marathon tonight =)


Fucking hated cops chasing me.
Whole deal about RCR is running through town, roughing bitches up.

Is that still as annoying?


Games bigger than I expected, chars have a lot of moves to buy too. A lot of neat stuff to buy too, this game is great.


This game is getting patches again, RESURRECTION time. Made a vid with some cool tech: