River City Runbacks Results! 9/10/11 Richmond, VA

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First of all, I want to thank everyone who came out to River City Runbacks. It was a great space, had a lot of casuals, and definitely some great matches were had. I think this was a great bounceback tournament from all the messiness of Civil War 3, and we’ll be definitely using this venue more for our major tournaments.

Props to Damien, RogueYoshi, and Noel Brown for making the trip down here. You guys are welcome back anytime.
Props to Foomy for finally beating Moose and getting that W with Sakura.
Props to Meep for being the MVP of the team tourney.
Props to all of the people who helped out with the tournament. Iraq Pat, Chronos, Enigma, Moose, Havitz, JP FTW, Danny, Brandon , Eric, Lorraine, and many others who lent a hand.
Special props to my girlfriend Karen who handled the registration experience.

Some positives and negatives

  • We finished!
  • We finished at a normal hour!
    +The venue. Lots of space, lots of chairs.
    +The “Renegade” setups. These worked perfectly IMO. no lag, great picture, perfect size.
    +The overhead projector. I don’t really know why I never thought of this before, but this worked amazingly. People found their matches on their own, found a place to play, and reported. And I didn’t get bothered 10x by: “can I see the bracket?”
    +single console tournaments
    +eating area
    +BYOC area
    +only 1 xbox Red Ringed
    +registration was a smooth process
    +MK9 teams was a really fun tourney. But there was some slowdown issues on certain stages.
    +MvC3 dodgeball teams was really fun and really hype. This is definitely sticking around. 4 teams, single elim, as many dudes as want to be drafted.
    +3S was fun, but without NC, there’s no tournament.

And some things to improve upon
-xbox DLC issues
-poor internet in venue
-late start setting up, starting bigger tournaments
-Paypal preregistration needs a higher adoption rate in order to be more effective at creating brackets ahead of time.Suggestions?
-The tekken turnout. What gives? Do tekken players only go to tekken exclusive tourneys run by other tekken players? 16 people for a 5$ tourney, and only 6 for a 10$ tourney?
-the NOVA/MD turnout. We had Meep,4star, citizen, and the payne brothers from MD. That’s it. All from NOVA was RyRy and Eric Kim. You guys seriously missed out. NC brought like 12 people and they all had to drive much further. I guess it’s obvious that all of the skills are in the 804 and the 757.

SSFIV AE (42 people)

  1. Foomyjin (SK)
  2. Moose (BX)
  3. Vivaldi (RU)
  4. Jibbo (YA)
  5. Gamewizard
  6. TKU (CV)
  7. Raf
  8. Damian
  9. OJWhite
  10. Fuerte
  11. RyRy
  12. Objection
  13. Cornertrap
  14. DeRezz
  15. East
  16. Knuckledust


  1. Expo (foomy/jibbo/fuerte)
  2. MNR (moose/noel/ryry)
  3. VivDamRen (VIvaldi/Damien/Renegade)

MvC3: (32 people)

  1. UVG Noel Brown
  2. Rogueyoshi
  3. RyRy
  4. Damian
  5. Samurai X
  6. Meep
  7. Moose
  8. Enigma
  9. liquid 757
  10. Renegade
  11. OJWhite
  12. 4 Star
  13. Baby Jesus
  14. Eric C.
  15. Derek P.
  16. Toiletface


  1. Team Yoshi (Meep, 4Star, Yoshi, Otaku, Toiletface)
  2. Team sorta NC (SamX, OJWhite, Josiah, CornerTrap, and more)

SF3: 3S

  1. Ramza
  2. Knuckledust
  3. Jibbo
  4. Face
  5. Justin A.
  6. Ren
  7. RyRy
    7.Smokin Jo

3S teams was canceled.

Mortal Kombat 9

  1. Samurai X
  2. Citizen Snips
  3. Chronos
  4. RyRy
  5. Zai
  6. Kindabar
  7. Vegita
  8. Objection

MK9 Teams

  1. Zai/Ryry
  2. Citizen/objection


  1. Samurai X
  2. Enigma
  3. Raijin

Arcana Heart

  1. RogueYoshi
  2. SamuraiX
  3. GoukenKid?

Tekken 6.

  1. RyRy

Congrats on the tourney and the winners!

And Noel Brown showing that he is the truth!

Yes, I got 3rd in AH3.

It felt pretty awesome considering I had pretty much not played the game at all before hand and I got 3rd in something with just fundamentals and some little notes. I was literally looking at the AH3 wiki in between matches lol

Also, I think I stupidly put one of those monitor power cables with my shit when I left.

I had a really good time. It was a good venue for it. Like to thank DeRezz for playing on our team and NC for blowing me up.

I want to thank everyone who helped setup and breakdown the tournament. The guys who were there early and stayed late. This wouldn’t have gone nearly as successfully without your help.

If you want to continue to use the monitors I recommend getting a trailer hitch and a small trailer for your Jeep, just big enough to fit all the monitors/etc. It was a very tight squeeze to fit them in my vehicle, and as you saw at the end I made 2-3 trips to get everything back to your place. If the venue was any farther away this would be problematic. I would also recommend getting a cart of your own that could manage 6+ monitors at a go, something that would be difficult for them to fall out of. The luggage carts at the hotel could manage 3 tops, and when you’re lugging in 12 monitors that is a lot of trips.

I did not see anywhere listed on the rules/etc that even if you prereg’ed you would need to still check in. This caused some confusion, and we had people not paying attention to the 3-4 times we shouted out to come check in and being left off the brackets and having to be written in. You could simplify this a couple ways:

  1. Printed list of all pre-registered players added to bracket regardless.
  2. State that players, even if pre-reg’ed, will not be on the bracket unless they check in.
  3. Allow players to check in for games at the door to be added to the bracket when they first come in at the same time they pay venue/entry fees.

Any combination or all of these would help. Players would be aware they were added to the bracket and there would be no need for individual calls for each game, which are easily missed due to people playing/how loud it is. I think #3 would be the easiest solution, since everyone had to fill out registration information regardless of prepaying or not. This also separates out the check in process so that it is not going on at the same time as actual events, and allows you to draw up brackets before any tournament starts.

Good stuff this time around Robin.

Shout outs to East. Thanks for your support.

Great tournament, definitely made up for the last one. Great matches all around, especially the one between me and Noel in Marvel. Gonna have to not drop combos in the future lol

this was my first tournament at VA and i really enjoyed it. things went very smooth and monitors/TV’s were all lag-free. the location of the place was good to with all of the food choices nearby(COOKOUT). i will definitely try to make it out to future RCR’s.

Great Tourney, can’t wait till next time. Gotta do better. Thanks to everybody. Great time.:wink:
Too bad the 3S Team tourney got canceled, was lookin forward to that one.

A lot of fun, great job and thanks to all who helped run this tournament.

Marvel teams was so hype, need to do that first next time to get things going on a high note with a full room of cheers (Although it might take forever with all of those people in it).

damn, i woulda won this one too. gs guys

gs Robin the tourny was awesome. GG’s to all in MK and AE

Hey Renegade. Just so you know Citizens wasn’t the person on ErLao Team for Mortal Kombat. It was actually Zai and he isn’t too happy about what was posted. So to clear it up for everyone. That’s not what it’s suppose to look like up there. Thanks so much and hopefully it can be corrected soon.

O damn I would have done really well in 3s.

Good stuff though people glad people showed up.

Sorry I couldn’t make it! D:

WOOT WOOT pretty decent tourny still needed some improvements with some things but either than tht i think it went pretty good as far as enjoyment wise

elaborate please, what can we work on to make the experience better?

Glad you had fun.



I’ve only been to 3 Richmond tourneys before, but I enjoyed this one the most. Great venue, ran smoothly, wasn’t too hotor too cold, etc. Can’t really think of any complaints. Can’t wait til the next one where I’ll undoubtedly play both of the Lane Bros. again.

I had so much fun at this tournament and it definitely was a great experience. GGs to all the people I played and shoutouts to both my AE and Marvel teams, and to everyone that made it out. Got the opportunity to run some matches with a lot of great players. Looking forward to the next one.

Oh and shoutouts to friendly money matches lol :tup:

Great tournament.Thanks for having me and housing me Renegade.I’ll definitely be at the next one.Please have marvel 3v3!Shout outs to moose,rogue yoshi and samarui x for chocking on me and allowing me to progress forward in the bracket.I’ll sure I wont get so lucky next time.GGs to everyone i played in casuals and please put my name as UVG Noel Brown in the results part Renegade so my sponsor will be happy.Good shit to Foomy for winning sf4 cuz you’re lucky you didnt run into me since thats one of the only match ups i remember.lmfao.jk.Thanks to my brother Ryry for driving and housing me as well.And i know how much everyone loved watching me get carried in teams.lol