Riverside, CA / Moreno Valley In-House Sessions. Free, all day, everday


EDIT: November 5, 2011 - I’m temporarily in Vegas for a couple of weeks helping out a friend going through a divorce. I’ll be back in Moreno Valley hopefully sooner than later. We’ll keep in touch and I’ll let you know. Can’t wait for Ultimate!

Wed + Thursday for this week. March 2 + 3rd. As always, keep posted for any changes, as unlikely as they may be.

Moreno Valley, only a 10 or so minute drive from Riverside, CA. Google map: Day Street and Eucalyptus Avenue, Moreno Valley, CA 92553 to get a rough idea on where I am.

2 HDTV’s
1 Xbox 360
1 PS3
Bring your own controller/stick.
1 Mvc3 360 version
1 SSFIV 360 version
(if we want to get the ps3 version going, somebody needs to bring mvc3/ssfiv ps3 version)

Admission is free. It’s a house, obviously there is a limit to the amount of people that can come. All in all it’s a casual setting.

**Please PM me **for my telephone number to let me know when you’re coming. Obviously, don’t show up randomly or unannounced. Please call or PM to let me know you’re coming.

Okay, it seems a few people are interested since I got some private messages, so it looks like the ball is rolling.

Anyone is welcome to come down Wed - Fri this week, anytime. PM if you’re interested and want directions. In fact, if things work out - all of next week should be available as well including this weekend.

So for today (friday) there are a few people coming down. We’re going from 2pm all the way whenever the fuck you want to leave. send me a pm for contact information.

generally, if you want to get an idea of where I’m at : google:

eucalyptus and day street, moreno valley, CA 92553

GG’s last Friday. Looking forward to more games…donuts were excellent, too!!!

Hmm MoVal is about 30min from me but I might be down for a few sessions a week once I get some free time. You guys play any Super Turbo or HD Remix? I should try and learn some SSF4 but playing online is like “sliding down a razer blade naked into a a pool a alcohol” Yeah I don’t like it much but I hoping that playing offline might change my mind. I got my own stick, I just need some place I can get lots of matches win or lose so I can get a feel for the game.

someone say ST?

The donuts. I think that’s what gave us the energy to play Street Fighter 4 for almost 10 hours straight LOL.

Things are looking good for this coming week. Hopefully we should get some more people coming out as this thread becomes more legit. I’ll let you know. I’ll update the thread with available dates for this coming week.

I haven’t touched HD remix in awhile, but I do own it on my 360.

And just so you know, it’s my detest of playing online that got me to get these sessions going.

For this week we’re having it Thursday. If you want more info, send a PM for directions.

Hit me up I might be down for tomorrow night.

I’ve been really fiending to get my ass offline and find someone to play with in this area. This sounds good.

That session was great. Kang’s a seriously classy host. Setup was good everyone was easy to kick it with, nobody smelled bad, and there were freakin bottles of water. Shit man what more do you want?

Mark ‘white power’ Finnegan Hartman Smith McGregor had some pretty solid streaks. DON’T STOP COMIN! I NEED SOME REVENGE!

Damn missed it I was stuck in OC waiting out the traffic :frowning: Any chance they are still there?

Sorry man we’re done for the night. Sounds like we’re going to do something like it again. Plans will probably be updated in the thread, so check back if you still need a fix!

Always need a fix, I’m addicted lol

Yea this mess is legit. No craigslist rape scam here.



Anything going on today. MvC3 online is ass.

He might have said something about being busy this week.

Think my friend is getting a copy on release day which consequently means I’ll be in the lab pretty much all week. Weekend session?