Riverside, CA / Moreno Valley In-House Sessions. Free, all day, everday

You guys doing anything this week? Also is there another Wednesday night Fight night in Riverside?

Actually plans have changed, I am free this Thursday (the 17th aka today). The usual suspects are more than welcome to come down. We’ll be doing Marvel mostly and SSFIV. We’re running one set-up on 360, so there is a limit to the amount of people, but as always send me a private message.

For those that have my number, Lak/Rokko/Alan etc. are more than welcome to just call me.

PS: I do have a ps3 and spare HDTV’s, but somebody has to bring there mvc3 or ssf4 game copy since all my games are for 360 version and a spare ps3 fightstick since most people who’ve been coming here have 360 fight sticks.

If I come I’ll bring my setup and game , is it cool if I bring a friend? Me +1

When is this sesh?

Today’s a bit later. I had something come up super late (family emergency) so if we are having a session today (50/50 chance) it’ll be post 5-6 pm (ish). Just call or text me to get an idea of what’s going on today. My bad guys, this week is all over the place.

Sweet just found this thread, and I live in MoVal. Are you guys gonna play anymore this weekend? I’d be down to play some live matches. Online lag is starting to really annoy me.

When is the next session, this sounds good

Anything going on today

Is there gonna be anything going on this week?

Seems taj is pretty busy with family and stuff ionno when he’s gonna be free agian. I’ll give him a call thursday.

Hey guys, this past week was tough. lot of family coming in. We had some matches with Rokko and Lak yesterday (that Zero + Ammy combo is brutal) but that was something casual last minute.

This week everything should return to normal. We’ll be doing something again Wed and Thur for this week. PM me for address and number.

Count me in for Thursday evening.

Are these still going on? I’d like to join in if possible.

yea I live near there are they still going on or do u know of any in inland empire?

As of right now I think he is on hiatus. Haven’t talked to him in a while so I’m not sure. I live in riverside and might be able to get something small going depending on when people are free. I know Rokkos isn’t too far from me either so something is doable at the very least.

You could always hit up IE Battlegrounds unless that’s too far for you.

I’m kinda new to the community. Where and when is IE battlegrounds? how is it? I live in Grand Terrace so if we did wanna try and get something small going, even if its like every other week i’d be down.

You can find the link for IE Battlegrounds here

Good people down there. I haven’t been able to go recently because of the distance but if you make it out its good competition. If you go to UCR you can always hit up Lat55 for some randoms.

PM me if you still want to get something going though. I’m open to ideas.

IE Batt is too far out. Are there any local arcades to play AE?

Locally, not really. None that i know of anyways. Super Arcade is all the way in Walnut and Alex’s Arcade is all the way in Santa Ana. Kinda sucks for those of us out here.