Riverside, CA / Moreno Valley In-House Sessions. Free, all day, everday

These still happening? Or anyone else having in-houses?

Not really. Like I said I could do something small if there was enough interest. Were you looking for AE or Marvel?

Yeah I know its the Holidays heh.
Marvel mostly, my friend and I always play at my house.
Also, there’s a tournament down here in Riverside, CA. Info below.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Tournament - January 7, 2012
10am - 3pm ($100 prize/$10 registration)
4pm-9pm ($200 prize/$20 registration)
Free Pizza & Refreshments
(951) 903-6054
(Playstation 3)

(Would be cool to meet some people and start in-house sessions in 2012)

I’d be down to come if you hosted

Free pizza AND refreshments? Done.

What days are good for you guys?

Any day almost. I’m on break from school so all I do is work. And play Mahvel and AE

Try for after 3 on Wednesday? I only have 1 xbox setup but that shouldn’t be a problem.

Count me in as well. I’m on break too until Jan 9 so any day is okay. Wed sounds good.

Got some good games in today even if my links are ass :p.

Let me know what days are good for you guys for next week. If all goes well I might make an official thread for this.

Yea good games today…man I gotta work on my marvel basics lol. Next week any day is good for me. Just let me know a couple days in advance.

I’m free 24/7

Sunday or Monday then? I’m not sure how hungover everyone will be on new years day but work will sober me up so I’ll be good either way.

I’m fine either way. If we do Sunday I’d say have it late afternoon like around 4 or 5. Monday I’m pretty much free anytime. Any thoughts?

Lets try for monday then.

In house casuals tomorrow 3-6pm. SF4 and Marvel. Bring yo A game! or at least B+. Post if you plan to come or need directions. If we have a descent turn out I might consider opting for pizza and soda/beer. Oh yea…Happy New Year!!!

Its till whenever you all get sick of playing. I don’t really care when y’all leave :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey guys, I’m new to the scene. Is this still going on tomorrow? I didn’t get a chance to call in a register but I hope they will take walk-ins at the door.

If you’re talking about the tournament, I have no details on that at all. If you’re talking about in house casuals its not until next week.

Yeah there was nothing going on there. The place was closed. -__-

That kinda sucks u went there and nothing was going on. U should come to the in-house casuals we are having next week. We’ll have pizza. Probably on Tue but I gotta double check with Lak. We will make a post about it soon.