Riverside, CA TILT MvC2/3s/GGXX results 4/5


MvC2 -

1st- Jose “HoZaZa” Lafaurie (dbl wolvie/sent) (bh/sent/storm)
2nd- Tony “TranceMan” Romero (insert two characters/sent)
3rd- Donovan (random magneto teams)
4th- Ed Ma (random rogue/etc)


Jose cant run brackets for shit. :slight_smile:
15 ppl entered…
I got scrubbed out hella quick coz i suck.
Don beat tony twice in winner semis, thought he had advanced to winner finals, only to be informed that math was supposed to be 3/5, not 2/3… Tony goes on to win 3 straight… Don is pissed… ahahhhahahahah


1st- Ed Ma (Ken SA3)
2nd- Christian “mtsackid” Garrido (Ryu SA1)(Ken SA3)(Yang SA2)
3rd- Mychale (Ryu SA1)(Makoto SA1)(Elena SA2/3)
4th- Hans (FoB) (Oro SA3)

16 ppl entered…
Ed dominated on sticks looser than my asshole… Costly mistakes all around… I jumped 4 times when i should have supered… My Q sucks.


1st- Scott (johnny)(Faust)
2nd- Ed Ma (Sol)
3rd- Jose L (fugg if i know)
4th- Hans (Faust)


what highlites… there was 8 fuggin ppl.

Overall… good tournament… Decent turnout…
Prolly doing another one in 4 weeks…

thanks for everyone that came and supported the scene…


what in the fucking hell happened? the winner won with wolvie, and the 4th placed guy has a rogue. i have a fever right now i wonder if my eyes are fucking playing games. …and this is a cali tourney??? …must be the damn fever


Whats up guys. I was the guy who withdrew from the 3S tourney last minute. I was the tweleve user with my gf with me. Sorry for dropping out. The sticks were much looser than i had expected and i wasnt getting used to it in time. If the tourney started sooner i would have played, but as time went by i wasnt getting used to the sticks and i felt more unconfident and frustrated. I really did want to play, but If i couldnt play full skill, i wont play. My apologies for withdrawing. Hopefully you guys can upgrade the sticks next tourney, but if not, i will come by tilt more and get used to the sticks. :cool:



Wow, looking at these results made me realize how bad I scrubbed out.

I should have gotten second in Marvel… Don friggin’ strolls right up to me and does low shorts with Tron assist and get his lead back… :mad: Hunger was kicking my ass in losers, but if I had stayed in it I’d only have had Tony and Jose left… grrrr.

3s, I scrubbed out hard… I played Albert expecting a parry God and got a hella basic Akuma… NOT A BAD THING ALBERT, basic Akuma kicked my ass, I just didn’t expect it…

GGXX was just sad… I lost to Hans’ s.S Faust… THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN.


I agree the stick on 3s is hella loose. I knew it the moment my chunny got creamed by Ed’s low roundhouse all over the place. I tap parry hella early, and cant super after blocking. WTF is that? Fucking Mycale, giving me a healing Elena. I respect him enough to use Oro, and he’s giving me that bs. Shiet… :bluu:

Lol, I guess Faust is just too good a character. I only played the game 3 times, and with my scrubby skill I expected to get dead last. Anyways, good game guys. Me outy.

O yeah, the highlight on 3s is Rick getting perfected by Melissa’s Ken. That was a fluke, but was hella funny. :lol:


Umm… I wasn’t perfected. She beat me one round because I had a brainfart and forgot how to play, but I hit her.


*Originally posted by Strider Hiryu *
**MvC2 -

1st- Jose “HoZaZa” Lafaurie (dbl wolvie/sent) (bh/sent/capcom)
2nd- Tony “TranceMan” Romero (insert two characters/sent)
3rd- Donovan (random magneto teams)
4th- Ed Ma (random rougue/etc)

Gooooooooo Rogue
Rogue that shit.



Fuck that, Jose used BH, Storm, Sent. He beat my ass with new supreme tacticz that I could not overcome. :bluu: Random Sent teamz couldn’t touch that shit.

The situation with Don, :lol:That was too good. He went from beatin’ my ass 2 straight to losin’ 3 straight.:eek: He was hella pissed cuz I tore his shit up match 3 - match 5.

Shinalkuma: Yea, don’t diss the wovly skillz. He has some shit. It’z just too bad mouff beam Sentinel playerz owned that shit. Yea then he switched to BH, Storm, Sent in the finalz to beat my ass 4-2, 4-1.:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanx to everyone that showed.:slight_smile: Come again. yippy skippy


*Originally posted by vegita-x *

he has the best rogue in the united states
k thx
good job zaza


It is not your fever. The double wolverine/sent/wolverine player is a highly good player. i belive he placed really high at one of the last SHGL tournies. The rogue player is also top notch.

good job zaza, see you at the gameroom!


Yay, results are up. Well, the marvel tournament wasn’t really that big I think. If you notice, the UCLA one was on the same day and that’s were all the known good players went. I didn’t even know there was going to be a marvel one. I just went for GGXX with the whopping 8 people. Which somehow I got second in MWAHAHA. Anyway, Zaza sucks. Double Wolverine is nonsense. Trip assist is out of corner for free assist. Hehe…

Sticks were ok, just super super loose but they basically worked. Buttons felt a little wierd but that’s probably cause they were concave. HOWEVER, there were no stools. What kind of arcade has no stools?!!! :frowning:

Thanks for the tourney Strider.


Re: Re: Riverside, CA TILT MvC2/3s/GGXX results 4/5

I don’ t think he has the best but I’m pretty sure he really good.

Say Picolo or u or soo,shady,combofiend…etc going to ECC8?


Re: Re: Re: Riverside, CA TILT MvC2/3s/GGXX results 4/5

Rogue owns stupid ppl… and X… jk :lol:

i’m rogue player ranked #2 …my rogue is better… NOW… haha but stupid short short tronn that patrick uses is just horrible… ack! its like abuse me city … jk mayn… rogue!! we should have a rogue tourney mayn… 3 rogues, no assist!! that be sweet huh?? but dammit… the level one super dash super ack!! it wont work… o well… later

i think patrick needs to stop hiding behind tron… so i can stop hiding behind cable… its all fair… dont worry patrick u showed me some new shit to base new thigns upon…too much fun!!:lol: