Riverside, CA tournament of champions

Full Results Super Turbo
SF:AE Tourney
1.Strider Hiryu
3.DJ Jago
Full Results Capcom Vs. SNK 2
CVS2 Tourney
2.DJ Jago
3.Sir Phobos
Full Results Third Strike
3s Tourney
1.Sir Phobos
2.DJ Jago

GG’s to all, lots of upsets, all matches were double elimination and occured in my dope ass living room

GGs everyone! AE is sick. Next time, let’s try to run #R and Marvel too. :karate:

!!! hahah congrats sir phobos in 3s…hold more tourneys, i can sense the evo fire =0

Just out of curiousity, how often do you guys hold console tournies? I was just curious since UCR is about 30 mins away and my bro and I would be interested in attending.

Very often actually… we just had another small tournament tonight. Give one of us a message through the “rico thread” in pacsouth.