Riverside MvC2/ST/3s/GGXX results... 6/28


im only posting top 3 for each game…


1st - Tony “Trance Man” Romero - Various Mag/Storm/Sent/CapCom/Cable teams
2nd- Jose “JoeZaza” Lafaurie - Magneto/S/D, dbl wolvie sent
3rd- Carlos “S3ENTIN3L” Alvizo - Various shitty Tron anchor teams.


Tony was late to the tournament because he was too busy selling oranges and picking strawberries… so he is put in losers…
And breezes thru. Needs to beat Jose two sets in winners to win, and DOES, despite being down 0-3 in last set. Jose sucks.

3s -

1st-Christian “mtsackid” Garrido - Ken SA3/Ryu SA1
2nd- Y - Ken SA3/Yun SA1/Yang SA2/Chun SA2
3rd- Albert “PiGaDoKeN” Nguyen - Akuma SA1

Uhh… i think thats how it went… I dont have the brackets… so i couldnt apex it… but uhhh yea… this Y guy is pretty good… never seen him play before. but throw whore Christian takes the money.


1st- Nam “Strider Hiryu” Thai - Sol/Testament
2nd - Alfred “Overmind” Arellano -Johhny/Axl
3rd - Scott “Dr. Kvader” Barela - Testament/Johnny

Yea… i was using testament at first… but i kept on gettin fucked up by Al’s axl, so i switched to Sol, proceeded to mash dust button, and went thru undefeated… only 7 people for this game… bleh

ST -

1st - Christian - Deejay, OG Gief, OG Guile
2nd - Lawrence “DJ Jago” - Blanka
3rd - Carlos Alvizo - Vega

Last minute tourney…$1 entry… winner take all… fun as fuck…


thanks for coming…

next one coming eventually…


gj tony!


goddammit stupid nam and that stupid dust button… i can’t believe you won with that crap :lol:

sorry i couldn’t make it to the tourney guys due to work, maybe next time, eh.
i’ll be at evo for sure, though. so look forward to it.

i need practice in ggxx and cvs2, so whoever’s interested hit me up on aim or pm me or call me or whatever. good job to everyone that placed in the tourney (except nam cuz he’s a gayfag :lol: )


I guess no one’s heard of forward+punch? LOL.

I could’ve won ST. WTH, Gief? O.Honda owns that ish. Next time.


gj on getting second overmind


I’m VERY surprised he didnt take it. I thought he would breeze through it, but I can’t take that dirty bastard sol lightly anymore.