RJ-45 MC Cthulhu+ IMP+ Xbox 360 Dual Mod Tutorial Diagram

will the DPDT switch method still work if i didn’t have the MCC board and had the PS3/PC board and a 360 common ground board?


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quick question: after wiring up a 360 PCB and impv2 to an RJ45 output, will the the USB-out connector attached to the MC Cthulhu still be functional?

basically, i was thinking of using neutrik RJ45 for older consoles and a standard USB cable via neutrik USB for ps3/360. FYI: the reason I wanna do this is I like how the neutrik USB + USB cable can act like a breakaway cable for those “accidental trips” during casuals @ my local scene. I’m willing to “take the risk” with the RJ45-cable’d older consoles since I won’t be using them much.


Add the neutrik USB jack to the case. Then you can either cut a short piece of USB cable and solder the four wires to the Impv2 in the USB jack spot so it plugs into the inside of the neutrik USB jack, or just add a USB jack to the Imp v2 and use a short USB cable to connect it to the neutrik jack. Use the USB spot on the Imp v2, NOT the one on the Cthulhu.

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Do you think this could work with an SE stick?
EDIT: As in enough room for both the usb and the ethernet to come out of the stick?


what button wires go where (Whats the button layout on the board)


This is great, thanks you for taking the time to put up this guide. I’m wondering if anyone can tell me the best place to buy a MC Cthulhu?

How do you get past not being able to use a VMU for the Dreamcast?

Direct from the creator himself.
In the URL to the other guy I linked for.

Just plug in another controller with a VMU installed on it

How did the MAS players deal with it?

This should probably be on the front page right under the other IMP V2 image.

MAS PCBs stay connected to the Dreamcast long enough to read a VMU?

Thanks, this threat helped me configure my new stick.