RJ-45 Multi Console Cthulhu Arcade Stick Tutorial Ver.2


Damn rtdzign, you’re on a roll with these nice ass tutorials.


i have a question… how do you “lock” the plastic boot on the rj45 cable? :frowning: it always gets off for me


Yes you can. If you have an mc cthulhu + imp setup, then a couple of the wires from the ethernet cable(d+/d-) run to the imp board instead.


Use heat shrink tubing.

Cut a small piece of heat shrink and put it on your cable first THEN slip on the boot.

Of course, the boot is going to be behind the heat shrink tubing.

Use a lighter or hair dryer to shrink the tubing AFTER you’ve crimped on the Ethernet adapter cover THEN slip the boot onto the heat shrink. The boot isn’t going to slip off if you’ve done this right…


I saw rtdzign’s tutorial on that as well. He really is epic! :wow:

But the thing is, I’m not sure if the MC Cthulu with all these new systems would allow for the USB data lines to pass through the RJ-45 jack without limiting potential console cable additions to the MC Cthulu by leaving it with only 6 pins. In fact, doesn’t the Saturn support up abovee require all 8 pins to function? :wonder:


Thanks for this. I have been having trouble getting my Cables to work right. I have double checked my solders and everything looks good, double checked the Gamecube Wire I built, everything looked good, I think my issue may be my Keystone…

I’m gonna go over this new guide and attempt it again tonight…


Nice tutorial!! I’ve had my RJ-45 installed but been lazy to make cables. This is just what i needed.

Good stuff rtdzign. :tup:


if there is stuff you want me to add please post links. I was going to put in pictures of the ruggedized connectors and also if people could link me to the crimp on Mini Din 8 Connectors on Digikey ( I can never find what I’m looking for on that site) and the Solder on Full Din connectors. I’l like to include those as alternatives.


Yes, but it uses the same lines as the USB, so it still works fine going through the imp.


Wow great write up rtdzign thanks! Also wanna give thanks to Robokrikit for basically introducing many of us to the Neutrik idea.

You can also use plexi as a backing for the Neutrik RJ-45.

Plexi sample from I got from Tap Plastics

Back of MAS with plexi

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Oh I didn’t actually know that! Which columns of the MC Cthulu share the same data lines as the USB connector? :wow:

This would seriously save me SO much hassle! :lol:


D is d-
E is d+

if you take a multimeter and continuity probe you will find a lot of the holes are the same thing with the exception of the voltage.


Thanks rtdzign for compiling this all into one thread; this should be a handy resource. :smile:

The CUI Inc MD-80 series has 8-pin mini DIN male/female plugs and jacks and whatnot.

Search MD-90 for 9-pin, MD-60 for 6-pin, and so on. Search SD-80 for the full-size DIN versions.

What’s weird is that the in-line mini DIN plugs say they have optional “crimp pin adapters”. I have no problem finding the crimp pins, but I haven’t been able to find the adapters anywhere, so I’ve just been soldering to the tiny default receptacle piece and trying not to drink too much coffee.

I was thinking about starting a “connectors” thread, but I don’t see why we can’t have it all here if it doesn’t get too crowded. I’ve been messing with other Neutrik stuff. Their connectors are nice in that they aren’t too crazy expensive, but are pretty and well-built. There are a lot of other “fancy” circular connectors and such out there but the prices can get kinda ridiculous since a lot of that stuff gets into medical/military/industrial use and the prices go way up.

My current favorite is the miniCON series (assembled or modular). They fit up to 12 pins and can be completely disassembled for painting or whatever, and the pins can be soldered (or crimped) to each wire separately, then inserted into the connectors by hand. The connectors are pretty small; the receptacle fits in a 14mm hole.



I have a few pics of this in my PSX -> MC Cthulhu converter post. It definitely works well in plastic or metal cases (e.g. TE), and would probably work alright in a wood case, though due to how small it is, some material might need to be routed out inside, since the jack is a screw-on type.

The neutriCON series (assembled / modular) looks like it could work pretty well in wood cases. It maxes out at 8 pins. I haven’t tried it yet.



Their CAT6 stuff has a different RJ-45 receptacle that could fit better into wood cases (24mm hole). The square backend that accepts the cable is removable for wiring, so if the case were thin enough it should work. Right now they are pretty expensive though (~$30?).



Good stuff man, been waiting on this to finally come out.



Great guide! I like your workspace and 3D modeling skills.

For anyone planning on going with mini-din, the crimp pins are currently back ordered at Digi-key. Their site says they’ll be shipping ~May 2nd, though, so it’s not too long of a wait. I recommend ordering more than you need when they do come back in–if you need to redo your connection for any reason, it’s sometimes hard to reuse them. Plus, they’re less than $5 for 100, so why not.


Thanks for that rtdzign! I’ll definitely be making use of this information. :bgrin:


Wow, this is great! It was time someone updated this and put it all together in a nice little package. I would always get the wires on the gamecube cable backwards and have to redo it to make it work.


Why are Switchcrafts recommended over Neutriks for wooden sticks? Does that include MDF?


Simpler to install - Neutrik Cat5e jacks are an awkward shape.


Nominated for an article. Good shit bro!