RJ-45 Multi Console Cthulhu Arcade Stick Tutorial Ver.2


I use leftover cat 5 cables. They work fine.


Quick question: I made a cable for NES, but when I plugged it in, it made my screen go blank and my system lock up. From the looks of it, the cable was the same as SNES just with the wires for 2 and 7 switched around. Any idea what might be the issue or what wires I might have misdone?


I suggest that you take a multimeter and triple check the pins to the RJ-45. Also I would boot the system up with the cord already in the system and then plug the ethernet jack end into the stick. NESes are prone to reset if you slightly move the system. Also double check this instructable by Toodles himself. I suggest that you just forget about the purposes of the wires and the similarities betweenNes and Snes circuit design and treat them like totally different systems. Just strictly think of the pin numbers to the G-V rows.


Hello, I am having trouble getting my Xbox1 cable to work with my MC Cthulhu RJ45 mod.
I have checked all the connections and they seem fine. I have also checked the MC Cthulhu board for voltage when connected to my Xbox1 and I get 4.53v.
Is there any other test I can do or do you have any ideas as to what it could be please?


did you update the firmware to 2.0? because the older firmware requires you to hold left (if I remember correctly) before plugging in the controller to activate xbox 1 mode.


Yeah. I thought it might be that after searcing the forums for answers. Unfortunatly it hasn’t worked.


Sorry man, there’s nothing special about the Xbox cable versus a regular USB cable except the funny end. If your stick will come up on a PC or PS3 properly, then it absolutely HAS to be a wiring problem in the Xbox1 cable.


Since the switchcrafts cannot be found in Europe, to the best of my knowledge, I used my router to fix the Neutrik connector to my wooden box.

The recess has been widened with a 45° router bit to ease access to the unlock button.
I left about 5 mm of oak for the Neutrik to sit

Damn, the connector is not exactly seated parallel to the sides :-/

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Cheers Toodles, I’ll give it a go with another cable.
Does it matter that I have the RJ45 cable hooked up to row 2 on the Cthulu for the Xbox1 cable and the USB output for PS3/PC?


Nope. But it would be best to test out the RJ-45 with a RJ-45 -> USB cable. That a way, if the Rj-45 USB cable worked on a PC/PS3, then you’d know for sure the problem was with the RJ-45 -> Xbox cable. If the USB cable didn’t work, then you’d know the problem was on the INSIDE dealing with the RJ-45 jack and the wiring between the jack and cthulhu.


Yeah, I have the same problem trying to find the Switchcraft’s. You can get the Cat6 feedthrough versions in the UK, which seem a tad cheaper than the Neutrik Cat6 jacks, but that’s as close as I’ve got.

Alternatively, you could try a Switchcraft 15pin D Sub. The advantage to this is that you’d use SVGA plugs instead of RJ-45 plugs, and they offer a broader range of console support than a RJ-45 jack can - such as Neo-Geo.

Nice work on the routing by the way - shame it didn’t go quite to plan, but kudos for the attempt.


I wouldn’t mind a link or two :slight_smile: (I searched farnell’s catalog but didn’t find anything vaguely close to switchcrafts. Oh yeah, there’s Neutrik’s passthru but at 30 EUR a piece, it’s just too much money wasted - damn, their shit is gold-plated or what ?)

I went the neutrik route because there’re designed to be plugged/unplugged often, I don’t think this is the case with SUBDs, where you’re supposed to secure the connectors with screwdrivers…



Or just search for “Neutrik Cat6” on eBay.

AFAIK unplugging a D-Sub multiple times should be as stable as the 8 pin DIN method. I’ve seen a few people here (including Toodles) saying that RJ-45 connections aren’t always 100% solid for them, but not having used any other route yet I can’t personally say so either way.


The UPCB used D-sub 15’s, and never failed on me. I made sure to get d-sub hooks with thumbscrews so I could always screw down the cables without tools and still have a rock solid connection. The downside is that making cables with a d-sub end is much more expensive than crimping an RJ-45 end on.


anyone know someone that will do this mod for me… I’m just horrible with wiring


:woot: YEAH! I was looking for the pinouts and the wirings for the newly added systems (saturn, 3DO, et al)

Thanks Rtdzign! :encore:


The following pictures dont match up

in the first picture, the green and the blue stripped wire are going to the imp, but in the second picture every wire is going to the Cthulhu board. which way is correct??


Both. :slight_smile:
The green and blue stripped wire shown in the second picture goes to the imp. The other six go directly to the RJ-45. The outgoing D+ and D- from the Imp joing with the other six at the rj-45, like in the first diagram.


so would i be safe to assume that the only time you wire all 8 of them to the MC Cthulhu is when you are not using an imp board??


If you want to be able to play xbox360 through the RJ-45 jack, you need an imp connected between the RJ-45 and MC, and six of the RJ-45 wires will be connected directly to the MC, and the other two will go through the imp. If you don’t want to play xbox360 through the RJ-45, then all eight columns get wired directly to the eight pins of the RJ-45.