RJ-45 Multi Console Cthulhu Arcade Stick Tutorial Ver.2


The UPCB used D-sub 15’s, and never failed on me. I made sure to get d-sub hooks with thumbscrews so I could always screw down the cables without tools and still have a rock solid connection. The downside is that making cables with a d-sub end is much more expensive than crimping an RJ-45 end on.


anyone know someone that will do this mod for me… I’m just horrible with wiring


:woot: YEAH! I was looking for the pinouts and the wirings for the newly added systems (saturn, 3DO, et al)

Thanks Rtdzign! :encore:


The following pictures dont match up

in the first picture, the green and the blue stripped wire are going to the imp, but in the second picture every wire is going to the Cthulhu board. which way is correct??


Both. :slight_smile:
The green and blue stripped wire shown in the second picture goes to the imp. The other six go directly to the RJ-45. The outgoing D+ and D- from the Imp joing with the other six at the rj-45, like in the first diagram.


so would i be safe to assume that the only time you wire all 8 of them to the MC Cthulhu is when you are not using an imp board??


If you want to be able to play xbox360 through the RJ-45 jack, you need an imp connected between the RJ-45 and MC, and six of the RJ-45 wires will be connected directly to the MC, and the other two will go through the imp. If you don’t want to play xbox360 through the RJ-45, then all eight columns get wired directly to the eight pins of the RJ-45.


Go with Picture 1 if you are dual modding with an Xbox 360 board with an imp.

Go with picture 2 if you a using a MC Cthulhu by itself.


Also if you wanted to use a Neutrik ethercon you would have to use a special “push-pull” locking version.
And I’ve not found these for sale online, but then again I didn’t look very hard.

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Ha, yeah, finally got my hands on a multimeter and did some continuity tests and found a slight difference in the cable my initial observations didn’t catch. My NES cable works perfectly now. Now to try for a Saturn one…


I tried to solder the MC Cthulhu to the pins of this Neutrik connector:


Unfortunately, soldering wires to pins which are not tied mecanically to a PCB resulted in lots of shorts. In the course of events, one of the Neutrik pins was also completely FUBAR. Is my Neutrik connector good for the bin or can I buy individual special pins for this connector. Does anyone know ?

I changed this Neutrik to one of those recommanded by rtdezign (the one with terminal strips soldered at the rear - more expensive OK but so much more convenient !). This morning, I had the pleasure to see that neither the MC Cthulhu nor the madcatz PCB that was soldered to it was fried. Losing both PCBs (not even mentioning wiring) got me a little nervous, I must confess :sweat:


Making me want to go to the fleamarket and find a NES :smiley:

Even though I can emulate the games on my PC just fine, something about jiggling NES cartridges, blowing on them and cleaning with rubbing alcohol makes the real thing so much more fun :smiley:

I have a lot of the NES classics on my virtual console on the wii as well.


Dude, thanks for putting all this info in an easy to follow tutorial. Thanks to this thread I did my NES, SNES & Saturn cables without any difficulty! (except I had to sand down some of the insulation on the NES/SNES wires for them to fit into the RJ45 plug)


Would a usb to RJ-45 adapter like [ETHERNET 10/100 NETWORK ADAPTER USB TO LAN RJ45 CARD - eBay (item 190368894214 end time Jul-27-10 07:14:18 PDT)"]this](http://cgi.ebay.com/ETHERNET-10-100-NETWORK-ADAPTER-USB-LAN-RJ45-CARD-/190368894214?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2c52decd06) work work also?

I just don’t feel like taking off the female b on a working chtulhu.


No. If you RJ-45 mod the Cthulhu, you can leave the female B alone.


On the boards that I used, I took off the USB B sockets just to see how hard it was to remove, but I didn’t have to. I then did it twice for symmetry.

That USB adaptor, I’m pretty sure it won’t work for what i’m guessing your thinking.


Okay thanks, I was just pondering if there was a way to convert a usb 4 to an 8 pin socket externally.

Now for another subject, will these fit the holes so you can just crimp & plug these?


I have to ask, where’s a good place to get the RJ45 boots and jacks without having to buy like packs of 50? After all, I’m only gonna be using about 4 or 5.


Try looking for small electronics hobby stores on yelp.com


Ok, I’m having some diff. with wiring the GC extension wire I received from ebay. It’s a 10ft. white extension, here’s the link 10 ft controller extension cord Nintendo Wii/Gamecube - eBay (item 260627147414 end time Jul-28-10 09:35:11 PDT). Now I’ve tried wiring the 3 top rows to the RJ45, but doesn’t seem to read.

I’ve updated the firmware on the MC and evened wired my other one in reverse thinking I might have wired it backwards, but didn’t wort either. My PS3/USB ones work fine.

I’m wondering if it’s the extension itself or just me? Here’s a pic



Anyone got some suggestions? Got some errands to run, but if anything, I’ll try the bottom row of green, blue, and yellow as a last resort.