RJ-45 Multi Console Cthulhu Arcade Stick Tutorial Ver.2


Dude, thanks for putting all this info in an easy to follow tutorial. Thanks to this thread I did my NES, SNES & Saturn cables without any difficulty! (except I had to sand down some of the insulation on the NES/SNES wires for them to fit into the RJ45 plug)


Would a usb to RJ-45 adapter like [ETHERNET 10/100 NETWORK ADAPTER USB TO LAN RJ45 CARD - eBay (item 190368894214 end time Jul-27-10 07:14:18 PDT)"]this](http://cgi.ebay.com/ETHERNET-10-100-NETWORK-ADAPTER-USB-LAN-RJ45-CARD-/190368894214?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2c52decd06) work work also?

I just don’t feel like taking off the female b on a working chtulhu.


No. If you RJ-45 mod the Cthulhu, you can leave the female B alone.


On the boards that I used, I took off the USB B sockets just to see how hard it was to remove, but I didn’t have to. I then did it twice for symmetry.

That USB adaptor, I’m pretty sure it won’t work for what i’m guessing your thinking.


Okay thanks, I was just pondering if there was a way to convert a usb 4 to an 8 pin socket externally.

Now for another subject, will these fit the holes so you can just crimp & plug these?


I have to ask, where’s a good place to get the RJ45 boots and jacks without having to buy like packs of 50? After all, I’m only gonna be using about 4 or 5.


Try looking for small electronics hobby stores on yelp.com


Ok, I’m having some diff. with wiring the GC extension wire I received from ebay. It’s a 10ft. white extension, here’s the link 10 ft controller extension cord Nintendo Wii/Gamecube - eBay (item 260627147414 end time Jul-28-10 09:35:11 PDT). Now I’ve tried wiring the 3 top rows to the RJ45, but doesn’t seem to read.

I’ve updated the firmware on the MC and evened wired my other one in reverse thinking I might have wired it backwards, but didn’t wort either. My PS3/USB ones work fine.

I’m wondering if it’s the extension itself or just me? Here’s a pic



Anyone got some suggestions? Got some errands to run, but if anything, I’ll try the bottom row of green, blue, and yellow as a last resort.


get a multimeter and a thin wire… there’s a youtube video i think for the gamecube



Pah. Live in too small of a town for anything even remotely close. Looks like I can get enough for 50 for about $10 shipped on amazon, though. Hmm. I’ll just experiment around, lol. Ethernet port to something random like micro USB so that I can use my camera on a wired connection. Lol.


For some reason GC wires always give me the most problems. I always get it backwards, then get the crimp pins backwards. It is best to take a break from it for a few hours and start over from scratch with a fresh mind.


Thanks Torta & rt, will give it another shot when I get home. Will post results


Ok, I’m getting too frustrated with this! Rt, you got a pair of 6ft. GC RJ45 nodded wires up for sale?


At the moment no, I don’t have any GC wires around. Try posting in the trading forum for one.


I was looking around the forum to find out if there were any variants of the RJ-45 ports that do not require screws to configure into the case. Reason being is that i’m receiving a case that I would prefer not to have drilled around and would like to find another way to add the jack in and secure it without damaging the case.


I think I saw on one of the older threads where someone had used a Keystone RJ-45 jack and cut a hole in a button plug. That said, I’m not sure how you could have the RJ-45 and not drill some sort of hole in the case, unless there was already a 24mm hole in said case for you to use


you should look at post 3 you can use a Din 8 connector and route the cord through a notch. Remember to label that pinout and tape it to your stick.


Quick question because I looked through two RJ-45 tutorial threads and could not find this!

I have plenty of leftover Cat5 cable and want to use what I have for two more MC Cthulu mods this coming year… I’m obviously going to use the RJ ends first…

How to do I order the remaining Cat5 wires into new RJ-45 containers? IE, what’s the pinout order for the color of the wiring within the cables?


NEVER MIND! Found it here at http://www.swhowto.com/CAT5_Ch1.htm

Seems like this should be in the RJ-45 tutorial… Just in case…

For those of us who are nuts enough to make more than two multi-system controllers!


Yep this picture is type b. It’s the same just turned to the side.


Thinking about it, that’s actually the most convinent option next to putting the keystone jack into a 24 mm button plug. The case still has a notch on it so all I would need to do is wire it then create the connection ends for the cord. Thanks for the heads up!