RJ-45 Multi Console Cthulhu Arcade Stick Tutorial Ver.2


At the moment no, I don’t have any GC wires around. Try posting in the trading forum for one.


I was looking around the forum to find out if there were any variants of the RJ-45 ports that do not require screws to configure into the case. Reason being is that i’m receiving a case that I would prefer not to have drilled around and would like to find another way to add the jack in and secure it without damaging the case.


I think I saw on one of the older threads where someone had used a Keystone RJ-45 jack and cut a hole in a button plug. That said, I’m not sure how you could have the RJ-45 and not drill some sort of hole in the case, unless there was already a 24mm hole in said case for you to use


you should look at post 3 you can use a Din 8 connector and route the cord through a notch. Remember to label that pinout and tape it to your stick.


Quick question because I looked through two RJ-45 tutorial threads and could not find this!

I have plenty of leftover Cat5 cable and want to use what I have for two more MC Cthulu mods this coming year… I’m obviously going to use the RJ ends first…

How to do I order the remaining Cat5 wires into new RJ-45 containers? IE, what’s the pinout order for the color of the wiring within the cables?


NEVER MIND! Found it here at http://www.swhowto.com/CAT5_Ch1.htm

Seems like this should be in the RJ-45 tutorial… Just in case…

For those of us who are nuts enough to make more than two multi-system controllers!


Yep this picture is type b. It’s the same just turned to the side.


Thinking about it, that’s actually the most convinent option next to putting the keystone jack into a 24 mm button plug. The case still has a notch on it so all I would need to do is wire it then create the connection ends for the cord. Thanks for the heads up!



Of course after finding the RJ45/Cat5/6 connection webpage, I just looked at the remaining RJ-45 connection on my Cat5e/Ethernet cable and realized what the proper wire order was!

It was a real “DUH” moment for me! :rofl:

Nonetheless, I bookmarked the page I found.

There are actually two wiring orders for Cat5e/6 but the “B” order was the right one for my particular Cat5 cable.

Like I said before, I WILL run out of cable section with the RJ-45 connection if I do two more multi-system mods before the end of the year.

I’ve done enough RJ-45 crimps that it’s no longer a big deal to me… You just have to be patient and take your time fitting the wiring into the modular connector!


I have some questions to anyone who can answer. I am attemping a RJ-45, 360 TE, and MC Cthulu mod. Do i solder the xbox usb to top of the imps soldering points? Because, in the tutorial given by rtdzign he has the d+ and d- from the cat5 routed there. Also, can i just solder the cat5 wires to row 1 of the MC cthulu? i just want the extra cables forthe ps2 and the wii. Thanks


hey rt,

I took your advice and went away from making a GC cord for awhile…I tried again 2 days ago and was able to have 1 successful one. But I tried again the next day and was unable to make this one work. It wired and everything the same way, but just doesn’t work. I guess I’ll have to wait again a couple of days, give it a rest, and try again…Thanks though!


Are you making sure the cables are going all the way in so they contact the pins in the ethernet connector? Also, are you making sure they’re crimped tight enough? The small pins are supposed to puncture the individual wires.

I have the same white extension cords. Hope I don’t run into issues…


No, you solder the D+ and D- from the Xbox 360 USB points to the middle points on the imp. You must choose what pcb you want to be primary.
You should look at this thread.
But to quickly answer your question with a picture:


Awesome update to the original thread.
Nice work. :tup:


My autodetect for PS3/360 doesn’t work so I’m gonna need a RJ-45 to USB line for PS3. I bought an A-to-B USB cable in anticipation of having a jack inside the stick, but that didn’t work out. I don’t have a crimping tool or wire stripper. Can I just cut off the non-standard USB end of the cable, take an RJ-45 head off an ethernet cable, and manage to make it work? Is there anywhere I can buy an RJ-45 to USB cable that works for PS3 properly?

If any of you can make/have a RJ-45 to PS3 cable that you are willing to sell I would also be really interested in buying it, I don’t trust myself with mods or any similar work. Just PM me.

Thanks in advance.


The Imp doesn’t autodetect anything, you have to force the primary or secondary PCB by pressing the GUIDE button or not when plugging the cable.


I am only planning on making a PS2 cord at the moment; perhaps a Saturn cord later.
So, instead of making an extra port and seriously modding my stick, can I attach my PS2 cord to a usb cord somehow? Or is it possible to attach a USB end to my PS2 cord?


Nope. Not enough pins. Your best bet for a one-all solution is to do the rj45 mod. quick and simple, especially if you grab one of the solder screw terminals for the row the rj45 cord goes into.


Sorry for the double post but I just saw your post. I know it’s a month later but I hope this helps out some in the future.
I get all my ethernet boots, cable, tools, jacks, etc. from monoprice. Very cheap and the quality is there.
Here’s some of what I get:
Boots -$2.66 for a bag of 50 is next to nothing.
Connectors -One bag should last a loooong time. These are great quality as well.
Cat 5e Network Cables -They have them in a bunch of lengths and colors. I usually grab a longer length of the color I want, a bag of boots and connectors if needed. Make as many cables as you need.
Cable Stripper -Very useful to have for doing the ethernet cables as well as the controller cables.
Ratcheting Crimpers -I absolutely love these. They make it super easy to crimp the connectors on with the right amount of pressure. Not expensive either.

I also get all my USB Cables from monoprice too. Dirt cheap and they work just fine.

This thread deserved a bump anyway. :party:

Monoprice FTW. :china:

One more thing: A multimeter is a necessity for doing multi-console arcade sticks. But you don’t have to spend a fortune. I bought this one years ago and aside from changing the battery it hasn’t failed me yet. Right now it’s on sale for $3.49 so now would be a good time to grab it.

edit: Might as well add the neutrik drilling template here too.
I made this from the pdf from neutrik’s site.
I flipped it (it was from behind view so it was backwards), redid the writing and made the lines darker and solid rather than dashed. It’s accurate. It works with both the NAUSB (usb) and NE8FDP (rj45) connectors. Use a 24mm or 15/16" drill bit for the center hole and a 1/8" bit for the mounting holes.

Print with NO SCALING. I print from microsoft word or photoshop. You can fit 25 to a page in word if you set all the margins to .5" or less.


rtdzign: thanks for such a clear tutorial.


Any ideals on how to incorporate a PiiWee board into an MC Cthulhu setup? Hmmm, All I can think of right now is 2 separate RJ45 ports, one for the MC Cthulhu and then another separate one for the PiiWee? Maybe I’m missing/missed something.