RJ-45 Multi Console Cthulhu Arcade Stick Tutorial Ver.2

The usb wires go to only 4 spots. The dreamcast uses 5. His dreamcast mod he uses his “dual strike” pcb and from the sounds of it his method will not work for a MCCthulhu. The usb mini port is not adaquate.

Color issue is the same. I don’t know the Official gamecube colors by heart, so you will have to get a multimeter and probe the end connector.

Gotcha, thanks RT.

Well, on the bright side it wouldn’t be difficult to cut a hole in the case for an RJ-45 jack since I’m using a PDP TE case, although I wanted to know what options were available before I considered cutting a new hole into such a nice case (though I suppose that’s not so relevant when I consider that I am going to be putting an entirely new control panel on it anyway). If I want a universal joystick, the PDP case has plenty of room for multiple PCBs, not to mention cable storage (although something must be done about the button layout first and foremost).

If you install a neutrik RJ-45 into a pdp stick, it isnt as simple as just drilling a hole. you will need to mount the neutrik onto a 1/8 or 1/16 acrylic or lexan. It wont mount on thick wood with just a hole. Next you have to contend with the fucked up assignment for block and run.

You can always go for a cheaper Switch Craft brand RJ45 pass though over the Neutrik (cat 5) brand RJ45 pass though since the Switch Craft mounts on any thickness material unlike the Neatrik. You could also go for the more expensive Neutrik Cat 6 RJ45 Pass though.

Note: Lizard lick only carry the Cat 5 Neutrik RJ45 pass though.

You could also go for a panel mount Din 8 connector, a DB-9 connector or any of the other alternatives already discussed in this thread.*

That would work in a pinch, however then I’d have to give up the option of using those lovely ethercom enclosures on my cables to make them look pro. :frowning:

With the right tools I’m pretty sure I can make the NE8FDP-B work on a wood panel, however it will take a fair bit more work than just drilling a new hole. I’ll definitely want to practice on a few pieces of scrap wood first rather than risk effing up my case. It will take a lot of dremeling and maybe even some good ol’ fashioned hacking, but I think I can make it work. I’ll be sure to post my progress when I start so that if I have success, others may try.

Upon further evaluation I do not think that the Ethercon RJ45 will work on a wood panel. Even if I was willing to put up with all the woodwork and soldering it would take, there’s still the issue of screwing it in place which would be a lot harder in practice than it is on paper, especially since that thing was designed accept machine screws and would need wood screws to mount correctly. At this point I’m probably going to go with the Switchcraft Cat 5 passthrough. The Ethercon Cat 6 looks like a very nice option, however the jack enclosures they sell for it are a lot more expensive, and I don’t know if it’s backwards compatible with the jack enclosures for Cat 5 cables (which are a lot cheaper). I would probably just end up using rubber boots on my RJ45 cables due to expense, which means the Switchcraft passthrough will probably get the job done just fine and for less than half of the cost.

Here is how I did mine.

I was able to mount an RJ-45 jack onto my custom PDP TE panel. I ordered the panel-mount RJ-45 from [COLOR=#0000ff]this website[/COLOR][COLOR=#0000ff] [COLOR=#000000]and shaved it down to 5/8" in height. If this had been a 3/4" board it would not have needed to be shaved down, although I went with a slightly thinner board to reduce the weight on the panel and so that I could use 3/4" T-molding.[/COLOR][/COLOR]


The top half ends up being “bald”, but it goes under the plexiglass so it doesn’t really matter.


I wrapped a piece of electrical tape around it afterward just to make sure it wouldn’t be wobbling around (not pictured). When I put the T-molding on my new panel, I cut a square hole in the T-molding over the RJ-45 jack. Overall it’s pretty clean looking, and more importantly, it works. I’m trying to avoid drilling any new holes into the main body of the case, so I am planning to use an Imp to switch between PS3 and Xbox 360.


I must be really horrible at crimping. My cables don’t seem to be working. I pin out the connectors jot it down. Line up the colors and crimp… plug the rj45 cable though the TE Kitty board turn on the ps2 and nothing… The first I didn’t have 2cm of bare cable so I re-did the crimp and still nothing. When I pin out the rj45 end my continuity test does seem to go thorough. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

great work man I luv all ur tuts :wink: great work

Ok I got it now. Disregard my last comment.

Does anyone have any advice on making a Saturn cable using the RJ45 connector? The problem I’m having is that the wires from the Saturn pad are too thick to fit into the channels of the actual RJ45 connector. I’ve tried a couple different brands of connectors but had the same problem each time.

Having recently attempted to do some, it is simply very fiddly. I used a scalpel to shave off some of the wire sheath to make it easier…

I suspect that different types of Saturn pad may be much easier than others. Like with Playstation - official PSX digi pads have the same problem with thick wire, but using an official PS2 pad you’ll find that the wire wants to slip inside an RJ45 plug. It’s like Sony knew the future…

Did you try Cat6 they are for thicker lines?

Nope, but they are next on my shopping list.

Sorry, what?

I have the chip that I bought a year ago and can not remember if it is multi-console, when I connect it to pc I get this question. Is it a multi-console? or not.

Your computer is saying it’s a standard PS3 Cthulhu, so not multi-console. But that could just be the data your PC holds on it. Best way to check is to look at the code on the main chip. If the writing is: PIC18LF2550, -1/SP, 1028WA4 then you have a Multi Console Cthulhu (there are also a few other codes it could be, that’s just from the batch I currently have). If so then update the firmware on it and dual mod it with the 360 TE motherboard you have.

no you have the ps3 Cthulhu. You need to order the upgrade chip kit from Toodles. It is a new IC and a set of diodes.

You said something about a chimp. It sounds like you wrote in spanish and then plugged it into google translate. If you have the ChImp then there you won’t be able to upgrade for multi-console support.

LoL. Google Translate is so funny. I took 3 years of Spanish so I can read the mistranslation.

no tienes la ps3 Cthulhu. Tienes que pedir el kit de actualización de chips de [S]Pañales [/S]* sic. *(Toodles). Se trata de un nuevo CI y un conjunto de diodos.

Usted ha dicho algo acerca de un [S]chimpancé[/S] *sic. *(ChImp). Parece que usted escribió en español y luego lo enchufó en el traductor Google. Si usted tiene el [S]chimpancé[/S] *sic. *(ChImp) entonces usted no será capaz de actualizar para multi-consola de apoyo.