RJ-45 Multi Console Cthulhu Arcade Stick Tutorial Ver.2

What kind of screws do I need for my RJ-45? Can I pick those up from a place like Lowes/Home Depot?

Should I get Stranded or Solid 8P8C crimp connectors?
Also Should I use T568A or T568B pin out for my Ethernet Pass through cable

  1. If you mean what RJ45 plugs you should get, I’d say 2piece Cat6 plugs.

  2. You can use any wiring schematic colours you like as long as it all matches up, but the sort used in this guide is standard Type B. Basically follow the colour coding found in the first couple of posts in this thread.

Where can we get a bulk of these 2 piece Cat6 plugs for cheap? And where can we get single pieces cheap?

u can try here but this place is in the UK i think:

or here if ur in the states:


Do anyone know what size allenwrench I would need for opening/tightening the socket cap screws on the front stick cover? What size socket cap screws would I need for the stick?

Here’s a picture of the front…


the allenwrench size u need for to tighten the screws is a 3mm one.

Question: I am going to mod a TE with a kitty and i was wondering instead of drilling a 24mm for the Neutrik in the wire compartment could i use a Ethernet keystone jack and plug my console cables into the keystone jack ?

Cool preciate it. I actually bought a hex set today with a size 3mm wrench that can’t get seem to fit into the only screw on the stick right now.

Hate to keep bugging, but where can I find the screws for the allenwrench. Wasn’t successful at Lowe’s this morning. Would you happen to know what size socket cap screw I would need for the stick? I think the recommended size was 8-32x1/2. The picture only showed one screw that’s not coming off.

Could you? I suppose you could but using the back button spot like int he installation guide is really the best way to go all around.

I guess i should have asked if it was possible to do instead of could I do it :D, anyway I understand that removing the back button is probably easier than using the cable compartment but I wanted the stick to look as stock as possible.



RJ45 plug will work with the dreamcast connection right? and is their a wire diagram for it. because i am thinking doing this in mid september for my dreamcast!!!

Yes, the pinout is listed under "Part 5: Pinouts for more cables"

does anybody have a image diagram so i can save it into my folder for this build.

Can’t you just… scroll to the image then right-click to save?

Ok, have my case finished now. But found a new problem, my Switchcraft RJ-4 seems to not be snug enough to properly connect it. My PC sees my MC Cthulhu properly when I used the internal usb connector, it also sees it when I use the switcraft plug and press hard on both ends.

Am I using a wrong ethernet plug or is it better if i go look for another switchcraft plug to sit inbetween them?

Ok, something is really off, even with a new female-female rj-45 connector, it does not reckonize my MC Cthulhu. I double checked the connectivity of the ethernet plug and the wires to the soldered wires to the mc cthulhu, they seem to check out. As does a connectivity test on the usb end ehternet end of my other cable.

Only weird thing seems to be that G, or orange/white also seems to connect with the outside casing of the USB connector panel.

I’m really at a loss here as to what could be the problem, if anyone knows I’d really like some help. I’m almost at the point of ditching multi console support and just go with a PC/PS3 setup.

I’m having some trouble making a SNES cable for my RJ45 jack. I’m away from home and don’t have my multimeter with me. The wires for the cable I have are labeled as follows


I know the ground goes in pin 1 of my rj45 connector and the VCC goes in 8. Can anyone give me some quick help as to where to place the other wires? Thanks!

Crud. I had some issues soldering (Wire ripped apart, spend a ton of time with the soldering iron trying to remove it.) Now, my PC won’t register the board anymore, even through the regular USB port. I think I fried my micro controller.