Rj fadc u2

Hi there,

despite having just started ssf4 and this being some advanced stuff i decided to put 2 hours into it (at least for today); starting to train it.
I started to train the parts on their own ( RJ, RJ FOCUS CANCEL, RJ FOCUS DASH CANCEL, U2 and finally all in succession as one move).
The execution looks okay most of the time, except when i try to pack it all in one motion. U2 gets a pretty mess, with only one qcf or even some different kind of crap.
I managed to land it some times but not consistently and only from P2 side.
After two hours i was hardly able to properly do RJ.
So, how and for how long did you train this part ? Share your wisdom ;]


it took me forever to get focus cncels to ultra down and i never landed one in a match till i switched to stick. all you really can do is practice. and eventually they are so easy you dont even have to think about it.

I was harsh and told myself to quit being a bitch about it not working, that’s what training mode is for. I just stayed in there until I could do it consistently. Practice some tough love on yourself, it works.

It all really just comes down to practice. The more you practice, the easier it will get. Breaking up the combo into parts is definitely a great idea, and it’s a method that’s used by a lot of people.

However, if you’re still having trouble, you should try to slow down each part even further. By this I mean to look at your hands, and slowly input whichever part of the combo you’re doing. Then just gradually speed up your inputs when you feel extremely comfortable. This way, you build muscle memory that’s solid execution wise. It’s kind of like playing a guitar - you don’t start out playing frenetic paced solos, rather you start slowly and build your way up.

Can you do RJ xx FADC xx RJ? That’s an easy combo that gives you quite a bit of time for the second RJ.

Try just tapping focus and forward. You’ll get the dash still if you end the Rising Jaguar in forward because it counts as one input for it (not sure about down-forward, but I always end dragon-punch motion moves in forward). It’s easier this way I find.

this is in fact some kind of “shorcut” (ending RJ forward and then pressing forward + MP + MK) that allows you to FADC and dash with the same input…

… but i wouldnt suggest you to use this technique, it can make you develope bad habits that can hinder your performance FADCing with other chars.

just practice and be sure of riding the stick properly. Dont do the stick movement too fast, you will be surprised how slow you have to move the stick sometimes with some FADCings.

lastly, if you still have problems FADCing with Adon, try to learn with Ryu first, it is way easier and you can transfer what you learned to Adon later easily.

You should practice the method that best works for you for each character or each combo even. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. At the least I would suggest trying it for dragon punch motion or quarter-circle forward moves that have very few start-up frames (even works for some close range fireballs if I recall). If it’s easier and can improve your execution and consistency then there’s no reason not to use it. I see no reason to make it more difficult for yourself at any rate.

Even if you hate him learn ryus shoryuken fadc ultra 1 first. It is easy to hit and a great starting place to learn fadc ultra.

You actually don’t have to do it that fast. The hardest part is the FADC after the first hit. Once you get this, just do the U2 in one solid consistent evenly spaced motion. You have until they just about hit the ground to nail them, so there is no need to rush.

Thx for your input on this so far @ all of the above posters

was gonna mention this, because if you go for a rj > FADC > rj, if you dont leave it you will sometimes whiff or only get one hit. Or at least I found I did. I usually find doing the first rj>FADC is a quick input then I do the ultra motion quite smooth. I had it nailed down so I could do it every time on pad. Though now im on stick and I am stuck again haha :smiley: I dash too much usually :wink:

This is in fact a great post. Thanks.
I am also having the hardest time doing this.
I can do FADC on QCF/QCB motion --> ultra. Like Cody’s QCF+HK --> FADC --> U1.
I just can’t get any SRK motion to FADC.

A quick question. Do you use F, D, DF to do RJ? Or DF, DF + K ?
I tried doing DF, DF+K, MP+MK (tab), DF. I can’t never got it right.
The non-shortcut version seems smooth to me, but then I am still having trouble.
Maybe I press the button too fast?

Thanks guys.

I didn’t really have any problems getting the combo down after so many months of playing SF4 with Ryu. When I got SSF4 it was pretty much doing a trial combo. Either way, RJ,RJ,FADC,RJ,FADC, U2 isn’t all that damaging and in a real match, it’s just flashy.

RJ > FADC > U2 does enough damage. Why would gamerbee use it regularly else ? also its pretty much the easiest and safest way to use your ultra I believe ? you know a better way ?

one way that helped me a lot when i trying to learn FADC in ultra on pad, was to do each stage by itself. first do SRK and hit FA to get the correct timing… after you got that down, go a step further and add that dash forward, then the ultra (Although it may be frustrating with the amount of EX SRKS that is executed). it may take a while, but my thumb sooner or later got use to it and i can do it 10/10 times in any circumstances. at one point, when i played ryu, my U1 would keep going under my opponent because i did the motions too fast. so it’s all about picking up these motions, one step at a time.

as for the shortcut motions, i wasn’t aware of such options so i just use the former.

The timing for focus cancel is exactly when your attack makes contact. You have to focus a little faster after a Rising Jaguar than you would Cody’s HK Ruffian Kick.

The way I perform my dragon-punch motion moves is forward, then quarter-circle forward - forward then a fireball basically. From a crouch you can do down-forward, down, down-forward which is what I use when I cancel into Rising Jaguar from a crouching normal (just doing down-forward, down-forward seems awkward to me).

Great tips guys. Thanks!
I ended up using Ryu to practice.
Got it nailed down to SRK --> FADC. I can dash forward and backwards.
Still can’t do RJ --> FADC though. must be a timing thing. Nothing more practice won’t fix I think. Thanks guys.
I am inching my way through the art of FADCing, just one step at a time.

Alright. I practice it from the P2 side.
I can land it sometimes at least now.
Problem is, i think i memorized a shit execution/hand movement.
I can give you some examples:

:mp::mk::l::r::d::l::db::d::db::d::db::l::lk::mk::hk: worked

:db::lk:(RJ):mp::mk::l::d::l::d::db::d::db::l::lk::mk::hk: worked

:l::mp::mk::l::d::l::d::db::db::lk::mk::hk: EX RJ

:mp::mk::r::l::d::l::db::d::db::d::db::l::lk::mk::hk: worked

:mp::mk::l::l::d::db::d::db::l::l::lk::mk::hk: worked

:mp::mk::l::df::d::l::d::db::l::db::l::l::lk::mk::hk: worked

:mp::mk::l::df::d::l::d::db::l::db::l::l::lk::mk::hk: worked

:mp::mk::r::l::d::l::d::l::d::df::d::l::l::lk::mk::hk: worked

:db::lk:(RJ):d::mp::mk::l::d::l::d::l::d::db::l::lk::mk::hk: worked

Question is, i can do the single movements pretty precise, but when i start to speed it up i end up with this kind of stuff; it works so far and i am pretty sure i can nail it very often, but should i keep going this way or start over again until i got the inputs spot on? Tbh. i don´t feel comfortable right now the way i am doing it.
Can any of you folks who nail it 90%+ post some inputs?