RJ45 cables for MC Cthulhu, PS360+, Brook Retro Board



For sale are cables for MC Cthulhu, Brook Retro Board, or PS360 boards to be connected to various consoles they support (PCE not supported by the PS360).

All cables are built-to-order, measures around 6 feet long, have strain relief boots, and have been fully tested.

Prices are in USD, shipping is free in the USA.

International orders, PM me for a shipping quote.

Paypal gift (or add 4% for fees).

Example pictures of SNES and Saturn cables:

Saturn - $20 (13 in stock)

NES - $20 (3 in stock)

SNES - $20 (6 in stock)

Dreamcast - $20 (2 in stock)

Xbox, original - 20 (1 in stock)


If you’re using the PS360+ on your SEGA SATURN, you’re going to have to add a wire from the Home/Guide terminal to pin 6 on the JST header on the PS360+ board. From the PS360 Setup Guide: "Doing this will sacrifice the usage of the Home/Guide button but you can still access the function by pressing Start + Select instead.
Because of the design of the PS360+ this is the only way to be able to play on
Saturn with full button support. Also you have to physically disconnect the
Home/Guide button on your stick to avoid any accidental presses as it’s now
connected to a USB data line."

PCE support for the MC Cthulhu can be flaky at times. I know for sure that it doesn’t work well with original Japanese Hucards, but apparently CD games work great (I could not test this), and Everdrive loaded Japanese games are mostly fine.
I’ve tested these cables with a few games that I have verified 100% working: Street Fighter II CE (Use a multi-tap for 6-button mode), Bomberman, and R-type complete, but YMMV. I’ve gotten better results connecting through a multitap too. There is a thread on the shmups forum about this: https://shmups.system11.org/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=45362


PC Engine - $23 (SOLD OUT)

PSX/2 - $20 (SOLD OUT)
Gamecube - $20 (SOLD OUT)[/spoiler]

WTB Cthulhu upgrade kit and RJ45 console cables

Updated stock. PCE cables are sold out for now (that went quick!)


Asking for Paypal gift is pretty suspect. Too many stories of people being ripped off using that. Buyers need the protection that a standard Paypal transaction offers. You may want to revise that and just up the price or something.


Yeah big scam for $20 a pop. Mastermind level of get-rich planning here. lol

Anyway, anyone looking for proof of legitimacy can easily ask. I have trader feedback from most of the main arcade forums: shmups, neo-geo, byoac, klov, arcade-projects, arcade otaku…eBay too but I find it’s more relevant to show my transactions within the arcade community.

I’ve dealt with a few people here before, but I don’t spend much time on this forum these days. I figured I’d offer this up here because I know the FGC can benefit from multi console support given that systems like Saturn and Dreamcast have great ports of the best fighters.

Don’t like my terms? Don’t buy. It is what it is.


Updated stock, down to the last bit!

Also added some more details regarding the PCE connectivity issues with the MC Cthulhu. If you’re an MC Cthulhu owner and are unfamiliar with some of the problems, please read the first post under PCE Note.
Hopefully one day Toodles could give us another firmware with the full PCE support.


All cables are now SOLD OUT! Thanks to those who have purchased.

I’ll be doing another small run of cables in the near future, including NES and possibly PSX/2 cables this time.

If you’re looking for cables, even for any of the other supported consoles, send me a PM and I’ll put you on the list.


Saturn cables were shipped out swiftly and worked great with the MC Cthulhu sticks I have.


More PCE info:
I have determined that if you’re running an Everdrive, the rom dump version you are running does indeed matter for the best connectivity results. Last night I replaced my old romset with Smokemonster’s pack, and I was getting vastly better compatibility with games. The shmups that I tested before that were flaky are now fine (like Mr.Heli – fantastic game btw), the Bonk games, the Sega ports, all worked well with the MC Cthulu. I must have been using a bad dump set before, perhaps a set that was stripped of some vital controller polling data

So far I’ve got a list of NES, PSX/2, XBOX (original) and a couple Gamecube/Wii cables requests, as well as a few of the ones I’m already offering. At this point I’m going to wait till the end of this weekend for requests to roll in then I’ll put in an order for parts. I should have more cables available to ship in a week or two from now.

So send me a PM if you’re interested in cables so I can put them on this list!


I’ll be cutting off requests tomorrow, and will be putting in a parts order in the evening. So get those requests in, folks!

I have a handful of PCE Cables available now if anyone is interested. But I’m planning to have more cables made next weekend, including a few new additions: NES, PSX/2, GameCube/Wii.


Parts order placed. I’ll have a handful of cables left over after all orders are fulfilled, for those who missed the reserve list.

For those who PM’d me to get on the list, I’ll be messaging you for payment/shipping details shortly.


PM’s have been sent to the people on the reserve list.

I’ve got parts arriving this week, and I will be building the cables this weekend with my hopes to ship out the existing orders the following Monday.

*Actually, I’ll have a crap-ton of Saturn cables available after the reserve list is fulfilled, and probably handful (3 - 6) of the rest. I ended up over-ordering on Saturn cables because I was able to find them on the cheap. Plus, Saturn and SNES cables have seemed to be the most popular…following close behind is PCE and PSX/2. Makes sense though, given that those systems have the most arcade friendly games.



I’ve got all the parts needed for the all the cables, except NES. The NES cables I have coming in have been delayed, so I won’t get them till next week. Which will delay shipping out to those who ordered the NES cables. If this is a problem for you guys, let me know and we can figure something out.


Wow. You are selling a good or a service, not a hit-back for last week’s happy hour. @varmintbaby is right. The sheer fact that you replied the way you did makes me more motivated to just make my own cables…so thanks for that. Shady.


Thanks for your mature input. But it doesn’t matter, this is the last run of cables I’ll be offering anyways. I’ve already sold and shipped to a handful of people here from the first batch, and have a few more here for the second. But it seems the other arcade forums are more in need of these cables and have less paranoia.
Don’t know what it is about this place, perhaps y’all have too many scammers lurking around that’s made people gunshy.
In any case, it is what it is. If you have the means to make your own cables, that’s great. Do that.


I have made sticks and sold them. I have modded sticks and shipped them back. I have made art on commission. Never (ever) have I even THOUGHT of requesting PayPal payment as a gift. Transactions as as a good/service may incur a fee to the business owner, but it works to protect all parties involved.

It’s not “just this place.” It’s not just “paranoia.” This is the norm for sellers across the internet. Those who adamantly request goods/service payments as gifts are unethical. Thanks for continuing to exhibit that hubris, pal. I hope you sell through that last batch quickly. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


That’s cool. You do you, imma do me.
Thanks again for your input and leading a wonderful shining example to the entire internet.


You’re very welcome. Glad to be of service to this community (let alone the internet). I hope people will read this exchange here, and think twice about dealing with you.


Don’t know what kinda mission you’re on, but to be absolutely fair, I’ve never have scammed anyone. Nor has anyone mentioned any shady business going on here. What you’re doing is projecting and assuming things are dodgy when they are not.

Also, if anyone feels strongly about not paying by gift, I have been accommodating to those few. Just gotta pm me, rather than trying to go on this witch hunt in a public manner on baseless accusations. I’m easy going, but I don’t give any fucks to those who want to be antagonistic.

I’ve dealt on several arcade sites, have sold many parts and games, do art commissions ([url=http://the-artcade.blogspot.com/?m=1[/url] real art from scratch, not no photoshop arrangements of other people’s art), and have even help members with stick and control panel modding. All of those transactions I’ve asked for gift and they’ve all were solid honest dealings.

But keep on with your style man. In lue if this fun back-and-forth, I’ve just sold to 2 more members. So thank you for the free bumps as well!


My mission was to show that you are arrogant and unethical. Thank you for repeatedly proving my point.


Sticks and stones, brother. Think what you want, but you didn’t try contacting me through PM, so you’re clearly not interested in these cables. You’re just looking for someone to punk off to.

But if you really want to settle this shit-talk you’re hellbent I’m making your life goal, I’d be happy to throw down a ft5 in a game we mutually play.