RJ45 cables for MC Cthulhu, PS360+, Brook Retro Board

  1. I WAS interested in your cables. In fact, I had linked this thread into THREE separate Tech Talk threads to others. I have since edited those posts (after the shit I read this morning).

  2. Me getting bodied or not in a match on a video game still doesn’t exonerate your unethical business practices.

The point is: spending a buck or two to ensure your buyers are protected if your cables are defective (and you flake) is really not a big deal. There is no need to PM anything. What you are doing is unethical. Period. Spin it with your “whatever’s clever, man” attitude all you want.

I’m done with this thread…and I Opt2not (pun intended) engage with you further.


Thank you for your contribution to this thread.

Anyone feeling strongly about not paying gift payments, please let me know through PM. Exceptions can be made. I’m easy going if you’re not a total douche, going on a tyrannical war-post, whining that you think my terms are unethical.
Some people have already done this and it’s turned out all good.

At this point I’ll have a few of each cable left for purchase, after the second batch for the reserve list goes out first.
I’m scrambling to make tomorrow the shipping date for this batch, but with Easter weekend it’s been slow going. And as I mentioned earlier, there is a delay on the NES cables. But those of you who didn’t order nes cables, I will be focusing to get your order out ASAP.


Packages are starting to ship out now. I’ve sent shipments to those who didn’t order the NES cables first, and am still waiting on the NES parts for the rest of the orders. My supplier said they should be arriving sometime this week, and that there was a delay based on a few factors including Easter weekend interference.
As soon as I get those NES parts in and cables made, I’ll ship out the remaining orders to the rest.
I want to thank you all for the patience, and would like to let you know I’m working as fast as I can to get these cables made, tested, packaged and sent as quickly as possible.


I finally received the shipment of the NES parts, so after building and testing/verifying them tonight, they are ready to ship.
All remaining orders will be shipped out tomorrow.

I do have some left over stock still up for grabs. Here’s what’s available:
Saturn - x20
SNES - x2
NES - x7
PSX/2 - x2

Gamecube and PCE cables are now gone.

Edit: Xbox cables are now sold out as well.


First post updated with current stock.
Dreamcast cables are now sold out, and there is one left for the SNES. I still have a couple PSX/2, a few NES and a plethora of Saturn cables.


I ordered basically one of every cable, and everything came quickly and works great. Thanks opt2not.


i so wanna buy an nes and snes cable off of you…how do i do this…im so new here…i typed in the keyword rj45 snes and it brought me to you…been wanting to make one for so long but i dont have the know how, plus anything electrical is not my bag. But will pay for it.


@kobucaban responded to you through PM. :slight_smile:


Stock updated. Only Saturn, NES and PSX/2 cables remain.


Hello, I need 2 saturn cables please !


PM sent @archimage !


Bump, still have Saturn, PSX/2, and NES cables left.

Also thinking about restocking a few cable types if there’s interest.


I’m interested in saturn and PCE cables… will you be able ot make more PCE ones?


@tzakiel PM sent you!


For what is worth given I’m fairly new around here; I just want to add that I got some cables from Opt2not (although it was through shmups forum) and they work flawless, well jacketed, quick turn around. I couldn’t be happier, well maybe I could if you can get some gamecube and OG Xbox cables going again?



Thanks EG! I’ve got a pre-order list I’m starting up for another run of cables. I can add you to the queue for these if you’d like.

Anyone else have any cable requests, PM me with what cables you want, and I’ll make sure to include them in the next run.


You’re very welcome!

Definitely want in on the next run!


Cut-off for getting on the Order List is this Friday. PM me if you’d like any of the cables I’ve offered so far. I’ll put in a parts order this Friday, so if you haven’t PM’d me and are looking for a specific cable, you’ll be at the mercy of what stock remains after I’ve gone through the order list.


​Last day to get on the pre-order list. I’ll be cutting off pre-orders tomorrow at 9am PST. So far I’ve got requests for SNES, NES, PCE, Dreamcast, and I still have a ton of Saturn cables left too.

Since orders have died down considerably, I think this will be my last run of these cables for the foreseeable future.


Parts order placed. Thanks everyone who requested cables. As soon as I get the parts in the mail I’ll assemble the cables and collect payment before sending them out.

I’ll also update this thread on the remaining stock. Cheers!