RJ45 cables for MC Cthulhu, PS360+, Brook Retro Board


I’ve got all the parts in and am currently working down the list building cables for the pre-order folks. When your orders are ready, i’ll PM you all with payment details before they get shipped out.

I will also list what cables are left over for sale once the pre-orders are fulfilled.


​I’m looking to finish up cables in the next couple days, and have shipping ready for Saturday. I’ll be contacting people with payment details shortly.


All pre-orders have been shipped out, and I’ve listed what cables are left for sale in the first post. This will be the last of the cables I’ll be offering, so PM me if you’re interested in what’s left!


Stock update bump!


With the announcement of the Brook Retro Board, I figured I should bump this thread.

Still got a bunch of cables left. Check the first post!


Still got those saturn cables? I’d like 2 if you still have them.


Do you have the pinout for Gamecube cable for Brooks retro board ?


Do you know if it’s different from the mc Cthulhu boards?


Updated stock. Got more Saturn cables in!


Let’s bump this up again. Still got a bunch of cables left, ready to be made.


I’ll be getting an re-up of stock at the end of this week, and have added a few of the cables back to the list.

Since interest is dying down now, I’m only carrying a finite number of stock for certain cables. If there is a specific cable you’re looking for that’s not in-stock, I can get the parts on a per-order basis and build what you need. This includes USB to RJ45 cables as well.


Do you have any of the Dreamcast cables left in stock?


Yes, I have 4 in stock right now (First post has my latest up-to-date stock).

Just send me a pm with how many you’d like.


I got a toodles board and an RJ45-> SNES cable, both of which I found on ebay.

A coupe qustions:

1> assuming a left handed stick and the following arrangement on a Toodles fight stick:


  1. what is the default arrangement for PS1/2. If it follow my street fighter stick it would be:

^ R1 L1
X O R2 L2

Bu if it follows my Ascii stick it would be:

L1 ^ R1
R2 X O R2

2: there are two possible ways it can work on an SNES, if mapped to default pad:


If mapped to mst fight sticks:


If I got a choice, I’d like the SF15 PS2 arrangement (QP= ), and the Stick mapped arrangement in SNES (QP=L)

  1. Does anyone make a PS1/2 adapter? If so, I’d like to buy one. I’d be willing to wait a little.

  2. Would a Toodles hooked up to a PS2 work with the following PS2-> something adapters: Dreamcast, Saturn, Xbox, GameCube, 360, PS3, Wii Classic/Wii U Classic, One, and the Switch via PS2_> GC and then GC-> Switch via Game Cube Prot adapter fro the Wii U (even tough it will only be a 7-button stick)?

  3. If I got a RJ45-> PS3/360/PC USB cable, could it work with some sort of adapter to make it work with Switch? Andy reccomendations? I don’t see any PS2-> switch adapters.

  4. I’ve got a few other systems I would like it to work with: NES, Jaguar, 3DO with Daisy Chain, (this is a tough two) Turbo Grafx 16, Genesis 6 button.

6: I think I found found solutions to other consoles, like the 7800 and INTV if I can get a real genesis controller wired through Edladdin and 7800fan respectively, 5200 with a Bohoki adapter and a digital PC 15-Pin stick, Colecovision with an Edladdin board. Sega Master, Bally Astrocade, and Atari 2600 Booster Grip through direct naked wire straight to pin hookups, and 2600 through a 7800 OR Colecovision OR Booster Grip

7: Finally, what’s the best way to deal with a Nintendo 64? I would get a Raphnet GC->N64 adapter, but I don’t know how it works with an RJ45 PS2 then PS2-> GC adapter, then to that, or if there is a straight RJ45-> N64 adapter? Or could it work an RJ45 GameCube adapter (less translation) if it exists?


Thank you for your questions, I do not really know the answers to your questions, but it would probably be easier answered if you started a thread for this kind of discussion. This is a sales thread for my RJ45 cables, and there might not be enough traffic from members to get your questions answered. It would be best to start your own thread.

I don’t really know how the MC Cthulhu mappings are set to, I just build the cables for the MC Cthulhu, PS360+, and Brook Retro boards.
Let me know if you have any specific questions regarding my cables. Unfortunately I cannot help you with questions pertaining to the functionality of these boards.


Let me shorten it:

  1. Are there multiple different “ways” you can have an adapter, one of whihc you select, or only one standard way? if there si only one standard, I’ll find out elsewhere what he standard mapping is, but if it’s build you own mapping I described what I wanted.

  2. The one I’d like to order NOW is an RJ45->PS1/2. 2 others I want to buy later are RJ45-> either 360 or PS3 to use with a switch adapter, and either an RJ45-> N64, if such a beast exists, or an RJ45-> GameCube adapter which I can use with a Raphnet GC->N64 adapter. (the less translations, the better)

Are they ready to buy? Must I pay and wait a week for you to make, meaning they are built when ordered? May I have your price and paypal email address? Are you US-based?



As far as I’m aware, there isn’t any feature to remap the buttons to a custom configuration. But don’t quote me on that, like I said earlier, I cannot be certain to the internal features of these boards. You could try doing a google search for the instruction manual for your board, perhaps they will give you the info you’re looking for?

As for the other questions, check my first post for what cables are in stock. If you have a need for any cables not in stock, please send me a PM with what you need and we can work something out.
I could probably custom orders for PS2 cables, and USB, which would have a lead-time to get the nessessary parts, but not for N64. From what I know of, none of these boards support the N64. You’d have to use an adapter, most likely something that takes PS2 and converts it to N64. Does this exists though? I don’t know.

Yes, I’m US based and my prices are shipped in the US. If you’re ordering for overseas, shipping is quite expensive and will be extra to the listed prices.
Just send me a PM with what you specifically need.

Same with you, @threaldaftvader if you still need DC cables.


Hey @opt2not

Sorry I was verbose. I thought you meant it would eb cheaper if people pooled. But I misunderstood.

I understand It’s $20 for any one you currently have in stock and $30 for ones you have to individually make on demand. +4% Paypal fees. No shipping discount for packing more than 1.

Speaking of which, did you get my $31.20 for a RJ-45 to PS2. I understand I have to wait anywhere from a week to a month to get it for you to actually get parts, and find time to build it.

Never got a confirmation email.



Verbose? That’s an interesting term to call berating someone through personal email then forcing a payment after I told you to find your cables elsewhere.
Payment refunded. I don’t need your kind of business thanks.


Hey! I need one of those SNES cables please!