RJ45 cables for MC Cthulhu, PS360+, Brook Retro Board


Hey opt2not, sorry I took so long to update you but Saturn cables are working great, the problem was in the model 1 controller ports that I have, I also have a model 2 and it works flawless. SNES is not working so hot but maybe it’s my MC Cthulu that needs to be updated, will keep you posted. Thanks again for everything, these cables are awesome!

Off topic…I have began to notice tripletopper around the forums with some erratic behavior. This is the same tone he portrays in other threads and I’m not sure whether he’s new to the hobby, or maybe he’s just an adolescent, perhaps he suffers from some form of mental illness. Needless to say, it isn’t very pleasant at all. Like the SFC button layout (I get it) but not only is he drowning himself in a glass of water, he’s making a fool out of myself in the process.

Time to rethink your approach tripletopper, you’re not making a good start.



Thanks EG! Glad I’m not the only one noticing his behavior.

Anyway, regarding your cables:

From the multiple cables I’ve sent out for Saturn, it seems that about 20% of Saturn owners seem to have blown controller ports. As I mentioned in our PM’s, but I’ll post it here for everyone else to see, the easiest way to tell if your controller port is faulty is to connect the 3D controller to it and see if it works. The digital pads will still work even with a blown port, but the 3D controller won’t.

For your SNES cables, if you hit a wall and still can’t get them to work, I’d be happy to pay for return shipping and can take a look at them for you. It’s possible that the crimp could have gotten loose during shipping and is not making the right contact with with the RJ45 pins.
Also, try testing on multiple games. I noticed the other day that my MC Cthulhu wasn’t being recognized in Super Bomberman on my SuperNT console. But Super Bomberman 2 was fine, so I don’t know what’s up there. I’m going to check it out on my original console and see if it’s just the SuperNT being picky.


Apparently people are talking about me.

I know people like me to be short, so I’ll try. I’ll probably fail. the next couple paragraphs explain why.

I try to comment on things are related to each other. I usually have speciific issues related to each other. I usually ask all my questions at once. I just don’t like the back and forth high ping times of ginving one comment, and getting one response, and back. I want to show I’ve been thinking about lots of things.

If I ask/respond anything on a response, then it has been generated by some other comment. It’s like playing Risk, when It’s my turn, I’m going to use my turn fully until it’s to my benefit to wait for a response.

I’d like to show pre-meditation of a litany of comments if they are well thought out and related.

If you don’t like long-winded comments, just skip to the next comment. Old time issues like web space being limited and dial-up load times being long is probably no longer an issue. I have VERY poor internet, but even I haven’t had dial up since 2008. 2008 was just the first opportunity I had to escape dial-up.

And Opt2Not, thank you for saving me over $19 on a RJ45->PS2 adapter. I found ones for $11 or less, already made. Saves you labor, saves me money. :wink:

And I’m sorry for being verbose, and for typing an email. I didn’t know your email was a Paypal email only and was not for writing emails and you do most conversing on Shoryuken.com

One specific issue where I might be deemed either crazy or a genius

I’ve been dealing with issues with finding a right handed fight stick. And I have a story of how I beat a future famous gamer AT THAT ONE MOMENT IN TIME (now, lhe learned, and would probably beat me a lot), and how our other common friends beat him when using a right fight stick. The story is at 56ok.org/Ambidextrous I have a lot of specific questions and desired features.

I know what end result I want, but not complete sure it’s possible.

And, yes, I do have some mental problems, one of them being not having too many opportunities to be social in the real world. The online world seems to be the only place where I’m social. I guess I’m a little stir-crazy. Most of the time, I’m harmless. A little weird at times, but harmless.

But everyone one is weird in their own little thing. The question is do you disguise it, or embrace it? The everyman disguises their weirdness. The greats embrace their differences and use that to their advantage. Maybe I have the guts to say what everyone’s thinking but don’t have the courage to say.

But then again maybe I am revealing something about me which is truly fringe. Are right handed joysticks fringe? Yes. Do they work? For me, Yes. Maybe I’ll come up with an 8-button design a joystick company can make to make ambidextrous controllers and advertise it as a feature, like Beeshu did in the NES-Genesis era. And if more people get better performances with the ambidextrous stick, then it can all be traced to me. I’ll look like a crazy genius.



Anyway, all current orders have been shipped out. First post has been updated with the current stock.


Thanks opt2not, I’ll try it out. I figured since the Saturn cables work great that maybe the SNES runs into the same kind of problems. So far I’ve tried it with Hagane, Super E.D.F. and an Everdrive, same results with all 3. Here’s a pic of what I’m using the cables with.

I know there’s a bent pin on the 20 pin port, it has been straighten out, just an oversight before taking pics.

I was in the MC Cthulu website and there seems to be updates for different boards? Not sure if the EZ Jasen board shares the same updates the other MC boards have.


Out of curiosity, are you connecting the SNES cable to your console before or after you’ve powered up these games? I find it’s usually better to connect the cable first, then hit the power button on your console so that it initiates on boot-up.

I’m not sure myself. I also have those EZ Jasen boards installed in a couple of my fight sticks, but I haven’t had to update the firmware on them yet. It’s whatever the firmware that was shipped with those boards, is what I have been running. All my cables work with it as well as I’ve been testing them with the EZ Jasen and regular MC Cthulhu.
My offer still stands if you still can’t get it to work with the SNES cables.

PSA: I’ve updated the latest stock of cables. This is looking like my last run (for real this time) so what’s left is all I’m going to carry.


You yelled at me for being long.

  1. I’ll be brief.

  2. Do you forgive me for writing to your personal email with a long email? If you give it again, I promise to only communicate via SRK and only send money via paypal.

  3. Price is as quoted on the first post and is updated. Free shipping to US addresses. Anything currently not in stock is made individually and costs $30 Add 4% to quote to pay for your paypal fees.

  4. I’d like to order one Saturn and one TurboGrafx 16, get it now to save money vs custom made. (I assume ping time is faster with a Toodles adapter than with a Tototek or Raphnet (5 ms) adapter for Saturn, and arranged right for a fight stick, unlike Tototek. And because you said PC Engine, I assume I need a PC Engine controller to Turbo Grafx 16 machine adapter, sold separately)

  5. If enough people get on a demand list, (assuming you’re willing to take a waiting/looking to pool and save money list. If you don’t ignore the rest) I MIGHT like to buy an NES and GameCube adapter. (NES depends on if I can get Raphnet to rewire their SNES->NES adapter for fight sticks “SNES B=NES B and SNES A=NES A”. Gamecube depends on if a Raphnet adapter doesn’t work with a Toodles PS2->Game Cube Adapter-> N64 adapter from Raphnet) Call me a maybe for both of those. Will know in a couple months



I’m sorry for writing your personal email. I hope you understand it was a misunderstanding and not a textual assault.

When you wrote to me, ( I THINK…) you did not say “no SRK related personal emails. Email for Paypal only”. I don’t know whether you said it somewhere once in the long list of this forum, or whether you tell everyone who requests a paypal email not to write for SRK-related questions and to use it only for sending Paypal payment. I don’t know whether you forgot it on my notice or whether it’s hidden once in the long text of the sales sheet. If either is the case, then you can’t blame me for not searching for a needle in a haystack or knowing and willfully violating.

But then again maybe I missed that notice in the PM. I’ll check again. If I missed it, I’l admit it in a few minutes.


Thanks man, I’ll try the SNES power up procedure you explained just in case. I have been plugging them in while it’s powered up. Also, sometimes you have to wait a little while for the PCB to get going if plugging into PSX, Saturn, PS3 and so on, it doesn’t just start working right away, maybe 10 seconds max, could be my software version. Thanks for the offer, I’ll try this first and also test the wires with my buds retro board, it could be the PCBs, for what I read around there were production mishaps on certain batches.

@Tripletopper, stop digging the hole already and move on.


Stock has been updated. See first post.
Happy New Years, SRK!



I’d be interested in purchasing a couple of cables, specifically RJ45->SNES and RJ45->NES, as it appears that they might be still available :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I don’t seem to be able to send PMs on this forum (either because it’s a new account or I’m too old and I can’t find the function), would it be possible to contact you by mail @opt2not?

Thank you in advance for the info :slight_smile:


@Lake I just tried to send you a PM. Did it go through?


Stock updated. Bump!


Bump, still got a bunch of these left!


Alright, it’s time for me to pass the torch . Arcade Shock is now supplying these cables (except for Saturn) for slightly cheaper than what I can do, after shipping, so I’m going to shut down these sales and hang on to what I have left “for a rainy day”.

It was a pleasure to supply these to the community, and I’m happy that those who bought my cables are enjoying their ability to use an arcade stick on many of their old consoles. When I first started making these cables, my intention was to make them for mainly me and my buddies. At the time they weren’t available anywhere!

A good friend of mine then mentioned I should build and sell these…initially I scoffed, but as it turns out, we weren’t the only ones wanting a full set of these cables…so after almost 1 year of this endeavour, I can finally put this to bed.

Thank you all for purchasing cables from me!

Happy Gaming!