RJ45 Connector/Brook Board Help

I’m interested in making an arcadestick with an Rj45 Neutrik feedthrough. I know that’s not optimal for a Brook Board that’s not the retro one but I’m doing this build for fun more than convenience. My questions are-

1.) Since the RJ45 connector needs an ethernet type cable on both sides, and a brook board tends to need a USB-B, what’s the best way to convert one to the other when it comes to the internals of the stick? I’m guessing the RJ45-to-usb dongle of some sort, but will that actually work, and if so any suggestions on how to go about it?

2.) Where’s the best place to get an Rj45-to-USB cable with a ~10+ foot length? Most cables I see online seem to be for Cisco systems. What should I look for when it comes to the cable? Arcadeshock had a USB-to-RJ45 cable that looked like a good length but it’s sold out currently. Any help would be appreciated.

The RJ45 connector is just used as there 8 pins, as for older/retro consoles nothing uses more than 8 wires with some notable exceptions, and the Rj45 is was a easy way to swap cables to various old consoles.

If you are just going to play with modern USB consoles, I say ignore the RJ45 thing all together.

Arcade stick parts stores.

And those would be the wrong cables for your needs, the Networking USB to RJ45 cable is wired completely differently

I also not go longer than 10 feet

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Thanks for the quick response, it was helpful (I had forgotten to check paradise arcade shop, and they do indeed have the cable.).

And yes I know RJ45 isn’t needed for modern consoles. I’ve already built a couple USB-B/neutrik sticks, and am aware it makes the most sense to go that route, but as I said this is more for fun than convenience. I already have more sticks than I need for my current gaming needs. Any insight on my question about the internals and the USB-B/RJ45 discrepancy on the Brook board? I don’t mean to pester but you seem to really know your stuff and your advice in this forum has helped me before (ex. Got an LS-40 years ago after lurking post of yours in this very forum and I love it to this day).

Edit: Damn, Paradise Arcade is sold out of the cable as well. What’s the next best place if FocusAttack, Arcadeshock, and Paradise are all a no-go?

Only reason I suggest not to because the RJ45 connector can be fragile
There a guide on how to make your own RJ45 connectors, but the images are broken

Here a version of the same guide with images

You need some RJ45 connectors and a RJ45 crimper tool

Jasen Customs sells a Pro Cable Connector which uses a GX12 5-pin aviation connector
Here a guide to make your own


Thanks a lot for the help. I really appreciate it.

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