RJ45 Question


Okay, recently I have purchased a Qanba Q1 from Eightarc and I wanted to know how to mod the stick in order to have a RJ45 port. I’m so clueless when it comes to modding sticks so I’d need the dummy’d version :). The main reason I want a RJ45 mod is so I can buy the adapter for the Dreamcast because I am a huge Dreamcast fan and for some odd reason, I always wanted to play Power Stone 1 & 2 with a stick. I know I could just play them on NullDC but… we all know its not the same. Since I am new too modding I guess I can’t be shunned by asking this question: would a usb A female to rj45 female adapter work? something like this:

and then this:


Has anyone thought to try this? It just seems too simple. I don’t know what programming is involved, but I’m sure someone can easily correct me if this is too stupid to work lol.


No that will not work. You need to have a MC Cthulhu or PS360+ installed. Those two multi-system boards both have dc support which can be hooked up to an rj45 jack which is used as a passthrough connection.


No. That won’t work at all, sorry.

RJ45 cables work on a semi-standard pinout with positions for most consoles. Long story short, you would have to have a Dreamcast-capable stick with an RJ45 port installed to use that cable. For that, you’d need a new PCB like the MC Cthulhu or the Akishop PS360+.


Should I tamper with the PCB installed in the Q1, should I just replace the PCB in a Mayflash PS3/PS2/PC I’m going to buy in a few days or would I be better off just attempting to make a stick? Any suggestions?


If you don’t want to install the $10 passthru jack, you can always use a coupler. You still have have to crimp the cables yourself according to the instructions so the wiring can line up correctly.


Well, all of those are equally viable options. You would face the same difficulty (essentially) dual-modding both sticks, and building a stick isn’t easy and would cost more, but (IMO) is worth it.

Riderkicker: That’s not the problem, OP’s stick isn’t dreamcast-compatible to begin with.


Joysticks aren’t cheap, and easy-to-use Dreamcast PCB’s that aren’t new-build third party are getting harder to find.

I’m amazed at how quickly the Agetec/Dreamcast Arcade Stick PCB’s sell. Easily one of the easiest PCB’s to use out there. If you just reuse the original wiring as is and don’t throw away the original wire harnesses, a joystick couldn’t be easier to set up.

Of course, unless you can find someone on SRK willing to sell a Dreamcast Arcade Stick PCB (expect to pay at least $15-$20) you’re looking at buying a used Agetec Arcade Stick (easily $50 on e-Bay on a regular day; rarely much lower than that) for the PCB — not that I’d do that unless you’re planning on rehabbing the case, too. It does have one of the best joystick cases out there for upgrading even though it qualifies as a pain-and-a-half upgrade/mod because of all the plastic that has to be cut to fit in higher-grade parts…


Is it possible to use the PCB in a standard Dreamcast Pad and just go with the “shoe box” method? I’m cheap :smiley: lol

Edit: I almost forgot, what would I do for VMU support?