RMika Cammy Laura- Three Muskatetts


Laura,Cammy, and Laura combo video

Hey guys! I been making videos and putting them up on youtube this whole week about, but i have 0 subscribers and no way to basically get people to check them out lol! That being said i just made this video for Laura Cammy and Mika, and it took me a lot of work. So I wanted to post it here so people can see it, as my youtube account gets no exposure lol. Hope you guys enjoy (: Only started this week though so not many videos but if you check my channel i got a few other videos to :slight_smile:

Also i tried to put the video here so you dont have to follow the link but i put the url in and it doesnt seem to be working.



Idk it don’t post the video for me it worked 1 time before.


I’m also stuggling to get views for my youtube videos. I make vids with myself pooping in different toilets, but no one seems to want to watch them. My target audience is middle-aged men who can appreciate a good poop. Any ideas how I can spice things up? I’m thinking of incorporating more mexican food into my diet. Arriba!!